since it's a closeup picture the film was about 1 feet from the object (flower) including lens length. the camera was set on a tripod with shooter cable and miror lock.
apeture f/8 can recall the shutter speed, but since it's mounted to a tripod and shoot with a shooter cable there is no danger to movment.
windows were sealed to prevent wind enter and move the object.
i did a spod metering from the brithest part of the floor so that part will come with corect exposure and evreything else will come darker. the reasons for that is that positive film can handle only 3 stops of light unlike negetive that can handle 5 stops (human eye can handle 11 stops), since 1 can handle only 3 stops i placed a black blanket 2 meters behind the object that way there will be no light reflection from the back and no object will apear in the back. shooting that close to an object evem whith f/8 will make any background object appear blured but if the reflect light will have coloros on the back this is why i use a screen in this case black blanket to prevent any coloros in the background.
the source of the lihjt should never be in the back can be in the side or up and down in an angle also a good idea to put a conus arround it the creat a spot light like on stage i also put in the end of the conus a designing papper (the one that is blurish white that you can see thright it if you put it closely to a magazine or a painting and you can copy the image) to soften the light.