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I never had much luck with potted hibiscus, any suggestions would be great!
First check with your neighbors and see what their experiences are. Also find out just how cold your winters will get. If you have two of any one type, you could experiment by planting one of them. I would imagine on the south or west side of the house, close to the house itself.

Bringing them in isn't impossible ... assuming you have the space. I've had my tropical for 4 or 5 yrs now. It gets the sunniest warmest location to overwinter. It still does sulk a bit but it survives. Once spring temps stay in the 50's it goes outside. Due to space issues, I keep mine cut back to a small plant.

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What a pretty flower - I don't suppose these would be ones you would use to make a hibiscus tea!
I could be wrong but I think just about any hibiscus blooms will work.