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Thanks for sharing... Love the many coelogynes in situ and the nepenthes veitchii, which I think is the Bario form that creeps on the ground, not the green form...
The N.veitchii were common in kelabit highland and the greatest concentration are around Bario

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Wow the time must just disappear from any kind of reality while hiking and observing such rarities, keeping the plane waiting for return journey. I too love those nepenthes, also drooling, goes without saying for the orchids. Very well could be within the last photo documented examples of plants in nature for some species and hybrids as jungle tough love phases away. Hope the conservationists stay strong and the conservation force never weakens with dwindling support.

Very special!!!!!!!!!1
development will come eventually come but hope the locals are able to preserve their culture and the forest around them.

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Robert I wish I could have traveled with you.
sure if there is a chance. we usually travel in group of 4-6 person. most of us are photographers and into different fields.

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Awesome in-situ pics. Love seeing all those orchids in their natural habitat. Thanks and please share more .
thank you for viewing, Mazlan.