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My first Venus Fly Trap

This is a discussion on My first Venus Fly Trap within the The Jungle forums, part of the Land Plants category; So I saw a few of these and couldn't resist. I would appreciate any advice. ...

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    Question My first Venus Fly Trap

    So I saw a few of these and couldn't resist. I would appreciate any advice. It is potted in a plastic pot with sphagnum...and I know they say to keep it wet wet. Any thing else? Like what do I do for them when they have brown...can I use my physan on these too? I also picked up a couple lilies for out front and they have a scent that is wonderful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cjcorner View Post
    So I saw a few of these and couldn't resist. I would appreciate any advice. It is potted in a plastic pot with sphagnum...and I know they say to keep it wet wet. Any thing else?
    Quite a bit, actually.

    First the bad news ... it is unlikely that you will be able to keep it alive more than a couple years, if that, Connie. Vfts require a cool winter's dormancy in order to remain healthy. Grown warm year round they decline and die. That said .....

    Get a deep unglazed terra cotta pot (a "rose" pot would be great if you have one). The depth of a standard 6"-8" pot should be fine.

    For media, a 50/50 mix of peat and large grade perlite (or hydroton or other inert large porous material). Thoroughly moisten media before using with rainwater/RO water/distilled water.

    Remove vft from ridiculously small pot it was sold in, and carefully remove the sphag. NOTE: The vft roots will generally be black/dark dark brown and thread-like. Spare what roots you can.

    Pot the vft up, spreading the roots out a bit if you can but allow the roots to go deep into the media.

    Keep it in a warm area with bright indirect light for a couple weeks. Then harden the plant off exposing it to brighter and brighter light until it is receiving full/direct sun for most of the day. (*Note: Some vfts will develop a red coloration when exposed to intense light, others don't. Either way it is nothing to worry about.)

    Place the pot in a deep saucer of water. When the water in the saucer is completely gone, water the plant until it is standing in about an inch of water. Repeat as necessary.

    NEVER use media that contains fertilizer.

    NEVER use any type of water except rainwater/RO/distilled.

    NEVER feed the traps raw meat.

    Traps that are blackening can be pinched off.

    Assuming this plant was under one of those "humidity domes" (ie. clear plastic cups) when you got it, the current traps may not be functional much longer. The change to air drier than the super high humidity of the original "dome" often causes this. Not a huge deal, new leaves with traps will form.

    Winter dormancy -- should you choose to attempt it -- can be done in one of two ways in your clime. Be a bit of a crap shoot whether or not you are successful.
    1) Leave it outside until late fall when your temps drop and the days are a bit shorter. Let the vft dry out somewhat so that the media is still moist but not sopping wet. Bag up the potted plant in a plastic bag which is perforated with fine holes and stick the whole thing in your fridge (with the bag tied closed). Check the media periodically (once every few weeks to a month) to make sure the media is still damp. If not, add a bit of water to moisten. If molds arise, a spritzing of fungicide can be used. Dormancy must last at least 3 months. Then pull the pot out and begin hardening the plant off as before.

    2) Remove vft from pot and rinse off. Remove any old traps. Dust lightly with sulphur or other fungicide Place in a perforated plastic bag or plastic container with damp sphag. In all other respects, follow the steps in method 1.

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    I had one years ago when I had a small greenhouse. I planted it in a shallow dish using decomposed wood from a rotten log from the nearby woods, covered with a layer of moss, also from the woods. I kept it constantly moist. It summered outdoors with the rest of my plants and regularly caught Daddy-long-legs, aka Harvestmen, in the traps. I didn't really give it a winter rest other than being in the cool part of the greenhouse. My plant lived for about 3years.

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    no advice for venus fly trap, but for the lilies you want to desex them if you want the flowers to last longer, remove the anthers, it's messy so wear gloves or use a paper towel. I once did a hotel lobby with these lilies and had to remove them the next day too many complaints of the smell and allergies. I love the fragrance but it is strong.

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