Cats are special animals that steal a place in your heart. Why we are meant to live longer than they are, I just don't know. The same could be said of good dogs - dog man here. Have had only two cats be my master so far. I agree that they can act more like dogs, sometimes even more so - especially the Manx, stumpy. My then family move about a quarter of a mile up the strret, and trying as hard as we could,
stumpy could not adjust. He returned, and returned to our old house and finally began to live with our old neighbors. [I]That is not dog behavior. He would knock on the door when he needed go to to the bathroom. No litter box or this boy.
the is dog behavior.
The last cat we had was Maura's cat all the way. Oh he'd play retrieve with you, but man was he pychotic. We ended up having to give him back to the lady we got him from, where she will probably show him. He was a good looking cat but heavy duty mentally compromised. Big time. That plus a litter box that lived in my bathroom most of the time. It would be difficult to have an in door/outdooor cat where we live. Orchids are a fine substitute for a cat, just trust me on the one.

Phillip C