Thank you all. I've never had anything happen like this. I just have to think that Murphy has a good home. I did post him on Craig's list, Paul. I had never thought of that. There are many lost pet pages on FB for my area of Florida. All of those people were generous with their time and directions on different avenues on searching. They still keep in touch almost daily. He was a real pain in the a$$ but he was my pain in the a$$. Schnauzers are typical terriers loud, stubborn and one person dogs. He is terribly missed. I have a little old poodle that was a rescue that morns his loss as well. They were true buddies. The poodle like me considered him a pain in a$$ being he was a young dog that just wanted to play...he still looks for him.
The cats are settling in. The sister is named Venus (yikes on the name) But she knows it so I don't want to change it up. She is very attractive and much softer then Zeus. Easy to tell the difference in the dark. They both are snugglers and like to sleep under the covers by my feet. Jack and Zeus ate side by side this morning and only because they are both chow hounds and the bowls were empty when I got up.