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smartie2000 orchid collection around the house

This is a discussion on smartie2000 orchid collection around the house within the Members' Growlists forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; ...

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    Phrags, Paphs, Catts
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    Default smartie2000 orchid collection around the house

    Here is all my orchids all around the house, that don't include my noids. Very bad shopping and wanting to try some of everything is why it is such an exhausted list. I think I need to reduce my collection size a little (not everything is BS. I have lots of seedlings to NBS. looking forward to lots of first bloom paphs and phrags soon)

    Cym Maureen Carter ‘Dafon’(大凤)
    Cym. ensifolium v. Tie Gu Su Xin (铁骨素心 – Iron Bone Plain Flower)
    Cym. ensifolium 银边素心兰 – White Edge Plain Flower
    Cym. ensifolium ‘Rainbow’ (Cai Hong 彩虹)

    Cattleya Alliance:
    Cattleya rex
    Cattleya quadricolor
    Laelia briegeri
    Sophronitella violacea
    Blc. Chunyeah
    Bc Maikai ‘Mayumi’ AM/AOS
    Blc. Goldenzelle ‘Passion’ HCC/AOS
    Blc. Wanda’s Fire
    Lc. Canhamiana ‘Azure Skies’ AM/AOS
    Lc. Loog Tone ‘Kultana Yellow’
    Lc. Irene Song ‘Montclair’ HCC/AOS
    Otaara Hwa Yuan Bay 'West Beauty'
    Pot. Haw Yuan Glory 'GF'
    Slc. Rajah's Ruby x Lc. Mini Purple
    Slc. Barefoot Mailman 'Laina'
    Slc. Chian-Tzy Regalia 'Stunner'
    Sc. Crystelle Smith ‘BK Orchids’
    Blc. Keowee 'Newberry' HCC/AOS
    C. Fort Motte 'Leopard'
    Lc. Longriver Compton 'Golden Star' FCC/AOS
    Blc. Dora Louise Capen 'Lea' HCC/AOS
    Pot. Makaha Enchantress 'Wine Bright'
    Blc. Pokai Tangerine x Chocolate Sun
    Blc. Wanda’s Fire x Pot. Free Spirit
    Blc. Varut Roongkamol x C. Netrasiri Beauty

    Cyp. reginae
    Cyp. parviflorum var. pubescens #1
    Cyp Alaskanum
    Cyp. parviflorum var. pubescens #2

    Den. moniliforme ‘Tosa Fukurin’ (土佐覆輪)
    Den. loddigesii
    Den. kingianum (variegated)
    Den. Nalene Bui (Ise ‘Yayoi’ x Princess ‘Asai’)
    Den. Akazukin ‘Chan’
    Den. Thongchai Gold
    Den. Doreen ‘Alfresh’
    Den. Star Sapphire

    Oncidium Alliance:
    Onc. Sharry Baby
    Miltonia regnellii ‘alba’
    Psychopsis Mariposa ‘Green Valley’
    Psychopsis papilio var. aurea
    Milt. Pearl Ono 'Iliwai' AM/AOS
    Wils. Tiger Brew 'Pacific Holiday'
    Vuyl. Chuck Perry 'Pacific Twilight' HCC/AOS
    Bllra. Diane Dunn 'Newberry'
    Tolumnia Sniffen
    Tolumnia Popoki ‘Mitzi’ AM/AOS
    Tolumnia Irene Gleason ‘Golden Sunset’

    Paph charlesworthii
    Paph insigne
    Paph micranthum (#1) (硬叶兜兰)
    Paph rothschildianum (‘R01’ x ‘R06’)
    Paph haynaldianum (‘Jeannie’ x ‘Jackie’ AM/AOS)
    Paph helenae (‘Ching Hua #4’ x ‘Ching Hua #5’)
    Paph fairrieanum (‘Supernymph’ x ‘Excel’)
    Paph victoria-regina v. kalinae (‘BLF’ x self)
    Paph henryanum
    Paph spicerianum
    Paph venustum (‘Pittsford’ x ‘Norma’)
    Paph niveum x sib (‘Full Moon’ x ‘Jumbo Snow Ball’)
    Paph lowii x sib (‘New Horizon’ x Mem. Agnes Helbing’ AM/AOS)
    Paph malipoense
    Paph hangianum
    Paph armeniacum (#1)
    Paph druyii (‘Orchid Loft’ x ‘Doc’)
    Paph sukhakulii
    Paph concolor var longipetalum
    Paph armeniacum (#2)
    Paph godefroyae
    Paph hirsutissimum
    Paph parishii
    Paph philippinense (dwarf; laevigatum? palawanense?)
    Paph jackii
    Paph Michael Koopowitz (philippinense x sanderianum)
    Paph Pinocchio #1
    Paph primulinum var. flavum x Elfstone ‘Magic Touch’
    Paph Druid Spring (druyi ‘Pittsford’ x primulinum var. flavum)
    Paph. Hung Sheng Knight (moquettianum x hangianum)
    Paph Wössner Vietnam Wings (moquetteanum x vietnamense)
    Paph chamberlainianum x vietnamense
    Paph Magic Lantern
    Paph Vanda M. Pearman (delenatii x bellatum ‘alba’)
    Paph Delphi
    Paph Maudiae ‘Los Osos’ AM/AOS x Red Pepper #1
    Paph Maudiae ‘Los Osos’ AM/AOS x Red Pepper #2
    Paph Hsinying Rubyweb (Ruby Leopard x Hsinying Web)
    Paph Hsinying Dragon
    Paph (Magic x Macabre) x Mod Maude
    Paph Hsinying Silvercharm
    Paph (Raven Holdenii) x (Raven x Ruti))
    Paph ((Virgina Moffett x Osiris) x Joanne’s Wine) x Magic Water
    Paph Shadow Glow (Varina Vaughn ‘Fire Engine’ x Winston Churchill ‘Redoubtable’)
    Paph Mukoyama Green (Midori x Lemon Tree)
    Paph Caraibe ‘Mad Max’ x insigne ‘Sanderae’
    Paph Deperle
    Paph Maelstrom (Armeni White x jackii)
    Paph Harrisianum
    Paph Pedro's Moon (Pinocchio album ‘Sand Hill’ x armeniacum ‘Goldfinger’)
    Paph Wossner Butterfly (malipoense x vietnamense)
    Paph. Alexej (rothschildianum x hangianum)
    Paph Kenneth Marple (laevigatum x fairrieanum)
    Paph Ma Belle (malipoense x bellatulum)
    Paph Judge Philip
    Paph Oberhausens Diament x philippinense v. album
    Paph (Junior World x Lippetor) x (Winston Churchill ‘Indomitable’ x British Bull Dog)
    Paph Lippewunder x Lippewunder
    Paph Unsuzki x godfroyae ‘White Queen’ #1
    Paph Unsuzki x godfroyae ‘White Queen’ #2
    Paph Unsuzki x godfroyae ‘White Queen’ #3
    Paph (Pulsar x Cyberspace) x charlesworthii
    Paph Clair de Lune x philippinense
    Paph Geisha Doll ‘Erin’ HCC/AOS x fairrieanum album ‘Zephyrus Mint’
    Paph (Junior World x Lippetor) x (Burlesque x Extra)
    Paph (Pulsar x Red Pepper) x Shin-Yi Heart (compot of 3)
    Paph Pinocchio (#2)
    Paph Minnie May x Maudiae 'Clair de Lune'
    Paph In-Charm Handel (delanatii x hangianum)
    Paph Tree of Beauty x henryanum
    Paph Hatsue Otsuka x rothchildianum #1
    Paph Hatsue Otsuka x rothchildianum #2
    Paph Lady Isabel x Edward of York
    Paph Shun-Fa Golden
    Paph Michael Tibbs
    Paph.Beaute ‘71’ x Pacific Ocean
    Paph Coos 'romance' x insigne var. Sanderae
    Paph Ho Chi Minh
    Paph Magic Lantern #2

    Phal schilleriana var. purpurea
    Phal pulchra
    Phal fasciata
    Phal bellina
    Phal amboinensis
    Phal lueddemanniana
    Phal amabilis
    Phal Princess Kaiulani (violacea x amboinensis)
    Phal Laurel Lea Baldan ‘Lava Glow’ (Phal Buddha's Treasure x Doritis pulcherrima)
    Phal Brother Buddha ‘KHS #3’ x Brother Flare ‘B#2’
    Phal Ho’s Lovely Stripes
    Phal Rio’s Golden Ho x Cassandra
    Phal Yu Pin Pearl
    Phal Sweet Melody 'Sato' SM/ JOGA x Abendrot 'Ponkan's Fantastic' AM/AOS
    Phal Ching Her Prince (Ever-spring King x Golden Sun)
    Phal Haur Jin Star (Golden Peoker x Doudii Golden Princess)
    Phal Little Emperor x Dtps. Autumn Sun
    Phal Da-chien Spider Beauty
    Phal Haur Jin Princess
    Phal Brother Golden Wish (peloric)
    Phal Queen Beer
    Phal Jiuhbao Red Rose x Taisuco Carmine
    Phal Bedford Jezebel ‘Bedford Cutie’ x Brother Spotter ‘Bedford Black Curry’ (x 27 plants)

    Phrag pearcei
    Phrag schlimii (‘Allan’s Red’ x ‘Nad’)
    Phrag wallisii
    Phrag longifolium ‘Carpella’
    Phrag kovachii (‘Laura’ x ‘Ana’)
    Phrag besseae x sib (‘Echo’ x ‘Doug Pulley’)
    Phrag besseae #2
    Phrag popowii
    Phrag besseae var. flava 'Fren's Sunshine'
    Phrag besseae var. flava (#2)
    Phrag Tall Tails ‘Tail-full’ x Memoria Dick Clements ‘Cardinal’
    Phrag Mount Fallu
    Phrag Calurum
    Phrag Randy Macdonald
    Phrag Ecua-bess (using besseae ‘Fire Engine’)
    Phrag Waunakee Sunset
    Phrag Alfredo Manrique (kovachii x Walter Schomburg)
    Phrag Allison Strohm (kovachii x Living Fire(4N))
    Phrag Jason Fischer (Chuck Acker CA221)
    Phrag Inca Gold
    Phrag Eric Young (using hincksianum)
    Phrag Bouley Bay (E.Young "Mt Millais AM/RHS (4n) x Grande "Gigantea" (4n))
    Phrag Giganteum
    Phrag Jimi Hedrix (flava)
    Phrag Michel Tremblay
    Phrag Serge Harvey
    Phrag Cardinale "Killworth" x Barbara Le Ann
    Phrag Jerry Dean Fischer x warcewiczianum
    Phrag Raymonde Faust
    Phrag Inti's Tears
    Phrag Autumn Fire 3N (CA187 – Eric Young ‘Rocket Fire’ 4N x Barbara LeAnn)
    Mexipedium xerophyticum

    Bletilla striata (variegated albostriata) (紫蘭 or 白芨)
    Bletilla Yokohama (striata x formosana)
    Lycaste aromatica
    Masdevallia infracta
    Masdevallia Razzle Dazzle ‘Twinkle’ AM/AOS (triangularis x datura)
    Masdevallia Redshine (Falcon Sunrise x Marguerite)
    Maxillaria tenuifolia
    Neofinetia falcata
    Neofinetia falcata 'Shutennou' (朱天王)
    Neostylis Lou Sneary (Neofenitia falcata x Rhynchostylis coelestis)
    Paraphalaenopsis serpentilingua x Vascostylis Tham Yuen Hae
    Pleione Orinoco (P.Tongariro x P.Eiger)
    Promenaea Crawshayana x (Norman Gaunt x guttata)
    Sedirea japonica
    Zygopetalum Freestyle x Zygoneria Adelaide Medows

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    smartie2000's Avatar
    smartie2000 is offline Senior Member
    Real Name
    My Grow Area
    Under Lights.
    Favorite Orchid(s)
    Phrags, Paphs, Catts
    Join Date
    Jan 2006
    Edmonton, Canada
    Member's Country Flag


    I added:
    Phal Maki Watanabe x amabilis

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