I am surprised that there are not more posts here, as accounting for one's orchid collection is like having and offering a possible reference book available to other enthusiast here in this forum. I hope I understand the purpose of this category of posts?!?

I have stated in my introduction to this forum that recently I lost my mother, who introduced me to orchids, particularly Rhyncholaelia digbyana, the first orchid I had to bloom. What I have not stated clearly is that during this medical crisis I lost my main collection of orchids, my first and largest collection. Being between two places at one, the pressures of being in graduate school, the exhaustion of caring for a loved one . . . all played a part in this loss for me. Simply I ran out of energy and time to care for the collection I had. So many of my first orchids perished whereas I gave away as much as I could, too. In any case, my humble collection that I had collected for over 10+ years is now gone.

With the loss of my mother, one of the first stirrings of life for me came recently with a renewed interest in orchids and the realization of the now possible prospect of a beautiful greenhouse that could serve to honor my mother as well. Before she became ill with dementia and ALS, she had begun thinking about building a greenhouse too. So for me realizing this new collection of orchids is a healing process inasmuch as it is a source of simple delight in orchids. I feel life stirring in me again, in other words!

Therefore, I qualify this list because it is now small in comparison to what I used to have. It is now becoming very much reified, however! A notion that I dreamed of undertaking again during these recent hard times now is made concrete as a healing process and a source of delight and wonder. Also my new collection is very weighted with plants with the Oncidium Alliance. That reflects a new fascination with Oncidiinae. In many ways, as evident to this forum, I am learning about the Oncidium Alliance. The success of my collection will reflect this process too.

So enough said! Let me list and introduce my humble albeit new collection of orchids:

(Brassia Santa Ynez x Odontioda Fire) 'Fire Cracker'
Aliceara Sunday’s Best ‘Muffin’ AM/AOS
Beallara Tropic Lily 'Ice Palace'
Brassavola Little Star
Brassolaelia David Sander
Brassia Eternal Wind 'Summer Dream' SM/JOGA
Brassidium Fly Away
Colmanara Catatante 'Pacific Sun Spots'
Colmanara Wildcat 'Jaguar'
Cymbidium Little Black Sambo 'Black Magic' AM/AOS
Epicattleya Hanna Roberts (Cattleya Penny X Epidendrum stamfordianum)
Grammatocymbidium Lovely Melody 'Sweet'
Howeara Lava Burst 'Puanani' AM/AOS
Ludisia discolor
[Maclellanara Pagan Love Song ‘Chocolate Thunder’ HCC/AOS
Miltassia Dark Star 'Orchid Works'
Miltassia Royal Robe 'Jerry's Pick' HCC/AOS
Miltassia Shelob 'Tolken' AM/AOS
Odontobrassia Mem. Nikoline Lorenzen 'Martz Stars'
Odontonia Pacific Paranoia ‘Other Side of Cool’
Oncidioda Charlesworthii 'Mishima'
Oncidium Sherry Baby ‘Sweet Fragrance’
Phaius tankervilleae
Phaius Dan Rosenberg ‘Mellow Yellow’
Phalaenopsis bellina (syn. Phal. violacea Borneo)
Phalaenopsis El Tigre 'Ipoh Magic'
Psychopsis Mariposa
Psychopsis Mariposa Alba
Psychopsis Mendenhall ‘Hildos’ FCC/AOS

generic Phalaenopsis and Oncidium