Here's what will be up for some serious trading in Spring or Summer. With one exception, these are all seedlings that are quickly growing and will be available soon. Since I'm building my collection too, I'd prefer to trade rather than to sell. (I know it isn't correct, but on this list "P." stands for paph.)

P. sanderianum (In Charm x Shin Yi) some already with 4" spans
P. thailandense aka callosum var. thailandense
P. appletonianum album
P. bellatulum alba
P. Ho chi Minh (delanatii x vietnamense)
P. Sharnden 'Agnes Miller' HCC/AOS x (Milmoore x Redsand) 'Hillsview' (black-spotted red complex)
P. Buena Bay (White Complex)
P. Macabre 'Mighty Color' x Raisin Magic 'Wide Wings'
P. Double Deception 'Absolutely Huge' AM/AOS x Macabre 'Vini Wide Hands' HCC/AOS
P. Mem. Warren Bateman PB on first growth
Phrag Magdalene Rose 'Mother' 4N x besseae
Pharg Mem. Dick Clements 'Rocket Flash' 4N x Twilight 'Rising Rocket' 4N
Blc. Dora Louise Capen 'Lea'
Slc. Dream Weaver (Fire Fantasy 'H&R' x Sc. Beaufort)

Thanks for looking!