After some PM discussion with a couple of folks, I've decided to go back to the original format here. That is to say:

1. Start your own thread, reply to your own thread with updated inventories.

2. Don't reply to anybody else's thread. Louis actually is going to change the settings here so it will actually be impossible to reply to a thread which you didn't start.

This will, indeed, help keeping things from getting too hectic here, and will also cut down on the redundancy with the 'plants wanted' forum. I'll be writing this into the 'how to use this forum' sticky thread, but in short:

3. If you actively want to pass on a plant to someone else, post in the 'plants wanted' forum. If you just have some plants around that you would be willing to part with, post a 'tradable plants' list within your inventory thread, in the 'growlists' forum.

As part of this slight change of formats, I will be erasing the posted replies to threads in this forum, so be forewarned, and please don't be offended. Once this process is complete, I will also erase this thread, to cut down on the confusion and mixed messages.

And, once again, please excuse the dust while we renovate this area. We apologize for any inconvenience.