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My list

This is a discussion on My list within the Members' Growlists forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; Ascocentrum curvifollium 4/05 Ark . Asocentrum ampullaceum B.nodosa aka spiney Baptistonia echinata 4/05 Ark. Bro. ...

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    Default My list

    Ascocentrum curvifollium 4/05 Ark .
    Asocentrum ampullaceum
    B.nodosa aka spiney
    Baptistonia echinata 4/05 Ark.
    Bro. negrilensis seedlings
    Bro. sanguinea . bright , let dry before dark
    Bro. sanguinea ... Alba 4= 03
    Broughtonia sanguinea star splash X Self 11-03
    Broughtonia sanguinea " Red' sanguinea var. alba.
    C, mossiae wagnerii (large) Co. of the O 5/12/03
    C. amethystoglossa Orchidglade am/aos X self
    C. aurantica
    C. hardyana ( c. sowiana X warscewiezii
    C. intermedia aquinii
    C. jenmanii
    C. mossiae
    C. skinneri
    Catt aurantiaca orange
    Catt, labiata tipo sib. cool to warm
    Catt. loddigessi * cool to warm med. light
    Catt. warneri ,, oct 02 warm hot med light
    Coryanthes leucocorys
    Coryanthes alborosea
    Dend anosum
    Dend. crumenatum 04
    Dend. griffithianum
    Dend. lindleyi aka aggregatum
    Dend. parishii
    Dend. pierardii
    Dend. spectabile (2) 04
    Dend. thrysiflorium
    Dend. wasselii
    Dend. wonder nishii (atroviolaceum X alexandrae ) in bud 11-04
    Dor. pulcherrima var. chumporensis X sib.
    Encyclia boothiana
    Encyclia bractescens luke
    Epi. stamfordiannum
    Haraella retrocalla =shady moist spring blooms
    L purpurata vinicolor
    L. lucasiana Xself 55 to 85 bright to full sun
    L. lundii---rest/ cool Jan , blooms on imature growths .
    L. mixta bright dry warm cool down in winter
    L. purpurata venosa boa forma flame --cool to hot
    L. purpurata vivicolor
    L. sincorana X L. purpurata
    L. sincorana X L. purpurata vinicolor
    Leptotes bicolor =med. to high light do not dry out
    Lockhartia oersted X Lockhartia acuta
    Ludisia discolor
    Masde. infracia Xself ... shaded cool to hot in bloom 10-04
    Maxillaria ( luke) in bloom 10-04
    Meiracyllium (trinasutum)
    Neofinetia falcata
    Ornithochilus difformis aka Doritis wightii
    Ornithochilus difformis aka phal something when bought ,
    P. bellina violacia -Borneo 4-03
    P. borneensis
    P. cornu cervi
    P. equestris flask blue too X three times a lady
    P. hieroglypica in spike aug 04
    P. lueddemanniana 5- 03
    P. parishii supposed to of been gibbosa dowrey
    P. pulchra (aka sarah)
    P. schilleriana
    P. stobartiana
    P. violacia - Malaysia
    P. violacia var. alba
    P. violacia var. coerulea
    Paph. delentii -parvisepalums non calcicolous
    Phaius tankerville
    Phal. hieroglyphia
    Pholidota imbricata (rattle snake ) divided 11-04
    Pleurothallis tribuloides (bruce 2003)
    Plocoglottis lowii... trigger lip
    Rhy. gigantea
    Schoenorchis fragrance =inter . warm med. light
    slight rest in fall winter less water and fert does not
    Stan. indora
    Stan. jenischiana
    V. luzonica

    __________________________________________________ _________________
    Saladaeng X Fuchs Delight.....16 name may be wrong
    Sanderiana Bhimayothin X Pimchai beauty ....9
    V.Rasri GoldXDenesoniana yel/white ...5
    Ascocentrum ampullacearm varmoulmeinanse
    Asocd. Anan Gold ..14
    Charles goodfellowXKrung Kause --yellow
    Dr. Anek....11
    Fuchs Delight pinkXRoberts delight blue ....7
    Kasems Delight blue XTaweeuam ?? dup ? 6
    Kasems Delight blue XTaweeuam blue
    Lumpini Red ....4
    Mok. Chark Kuan orange .....15
    Neostylis Lou Smeary(colorful blue)
    Opsistylis suree see rhynchastylis X Vanda
    Pattaya Blue ........13
    Princess Mikassa Blue....2
    Princess Mikassa Pink ....3
    V KampiranandaXAsocd. Seechang ....1
    Yellow Noid .. Dana ....10
    BC> Muriel Wagnerii Fcc/RHS. lav. yel center Co oc theO 5/12/ 13
    BL. Morning glory
    Blc. Ann Miyamoto ' Carmela "
    BLC. Dream Trader X LC. Casitas Spring " May"
    BLC. Fred Stewart "carmella "XHorace Maxima
    Blc. Goldenzelle "Sandra am/hos/self
    BLC. Hawaiian Deliverance(Bc. Donna Kimura xpeggy huffman
    Blc. Honolulu SunsetXBlc. Jeremy Island
    Blc. Mahina Yahiro
    Blc. Mahina yahiro X LC. Shellie Compton touch of class alberta
    Blc. Mary Spencer X Bryce Canyon X Blc. Sunset Glow alberta
    Blc. Memoria Crispin Rosales "Carmela"
    BLC. Momilani Rainbow 'Gypsy' X Slc. Sutter Creek
    BLC. Nugget or Nogget Rivermont X BLC. Balmyre X LC. lumunosa
    Blc. Odoms purple keepsake "Louise"
    Blc. Orange Nuggett rhs
    BLC. Painters Palette (BLC. Mahina Yahiro X
    Blc. Poka dot puanani
    Blc. Ralph Placentia Toreador X LC> Royal Pavillion "summer splendor purple "
    BLC. Rockdell" Glorious Sunset AM./ AOS.
    BLC. Susan pottan or puttan
    Brassia Gueadian or Giroudiana?
    Brassia Rex spiders feast mike
    Brassia Rex old one
    Bulbo. lobbii Kathys Gold am/aos-hos
    C, mossiae wagnerii (large) Co. of the O 5/12/03
    C, Portiata X BLC.Ocnee
    C. aurantica "small orange "
    C. Bifoliate large coof the O 5/12/03
    C. Bobby Jewell X White fleece
    C. Carribean Orange Bowl
    C. General Patton X c. auranticia c of o
    C. Gertrude Hausermann
    C. Gigas furmin lambeau X C. Gaskelliana alba
    C. Hardyana ( c. sowiana X warscewiezii
    C. mossiae coof O
    C. muriel loo X C. bicolor
    C. Snow White X CR Provex S. Lyons 2 alba
    C. Snowden X Easter Bonnett
    C. walkeriana coerulea 'Chouju' JC. / Aos X LC. Hawaiian Bonnet
    C. walkeriana x Lc Janet
    C.Souveniea De Lavis X Bob Betts cof the O 5/12/03
    Ctna. (Why Not x Why Not)
    Cymbid. Golden Elf "Sundust" HCC/AOS
    Diaca. Chantilly Lace "Twinkle"
    Epc. Joseph breckenbach
    Epi. Cat. Don Herman "Freckles"
    Epidendrum imatophyllum maybe
    Epidendrum orange glow ' surprise 'X cosmo dream color 'asuka '
    Hknsa. Sogo Doll little angel
    LC Sunshine Glory
    LC. Bonan2 AU. constant lock Co. of O 5/12/03
    Lc. David cole "sweet valentine X starting point comet
    Lc. Drumbeat Heritage hcc/aos
    Lc. Mem. Robert Strait "Lakeland"
    Lc. Mini Purple "Blue Hawaii"
    LC. Mini Purple X brevipeducolata --dark red
    LC. Rabeiana(c. dupreana coerulaX blue shadows XLpuppurata werkhauseri (amathyst beauty )
    LC. Secret Love
    LC.Costal Concept comet
    Masd. Pat Akehurst
    Masd.t 'Flash Point
    Miltonia Eagelii alba
    Noid. large lavender yellow throat dark lip
    Peggy Huffman
    Phal. amboinensis x (Mahalo x Red Sail)
    Ports of paradise emerald isle or chantilly green ?
    Pot. Canyon sands native beauty X Slc. Precious stones true beauty
    Pot. Hoku Gen or Gem 'sunspots"
    Sl. B Jimminey cricketX L. briegeri
    Slc Mini Doris "Carmela"
    SLC. Love Castle X C. Candy Tuft ( Christmas Rose 0
    Slc. Psyche ----pink red
    Stanhope Jenischiana mike
    ta werkhauseri amethyst beauty
    Two noids from alberta ..4/30/03
    Paph Golddollar cprimullinnum 'Windy Hill' armeniacum 'Birchwood' ( 2)
    Paph"Taiwan Tiger (Yellow Tiger) 'Ruth Luethens' Am/Aos sanderianum 'Sweet Lips'
    Paph. Dawn Light orisis gentle breeze or some combo. (10)
    Paph. delenatii no cal ..acid ( 10)
    Paph. Delphi delenatii 'Pink Cloud' v roebelinii Algonquini (3) no cal.
    Paph. Lady Luck 'Change Up' Am/Aos XSkip Bartell 'White Pepper'
    Paph. Oriental Legend X farrieanum... farr is cal . (4)
    Paph. Red Glory candor peacock x Raisin candy 'candor kaem 'hcc/aos' (7)
    Paph. roebelinii big brother X haynaldianum.. sometimes cal . (6)
    Paph. roebelinii 'O' x Lady Isabel "Lee Orchids" (5)
    Paph. se;entii parvisepalums non ca;. ????
    Paph. Susan Booth X Black Tiger bellatum album Algonquin HCC/AOS
    Paph. Wayne Booth ( Susan Booth"Red" Am./Aos. rothschildianum 'Radical' ccm/aos (9)
    Paph."Saint Tigris (Yellow Tiger Ruth Luethans Am/Aos. X St. Swithin Algonquin
    Paph."Sierra Lace Whipperwill Am/Aos Gematone's randchild Algonquin Am/Aos
    Phag ."Lowii 'Red Glory' X Wild Thing'
    Phrag Ainsworth mike
    Phrag. Bel Croute ( Sorcer's apprentiecs X caudatum 'Dan' (7)
    Phrag. Cardinal Flight (Don Wimber) 'Daddy Mac' am,/aos longifolium"WH" midnight (4)
    Phrag. caudatum 'Bronze Beauty 'Windy Hill' (8)
    Phrag. caudatum xsandarde 'Green Goddess' x Self (11)
    Phrag. Dennis Kleinbach x verrucosa czerwiakowiannX longifolium x cadatum (5) mike
    Phrag. Hanne Popow 'Windy Hill' Pink Ice schlimii besse flavum (3)
    Phrag. longifolium 'Windy Hill x Robert Palm (9)
    Phrag. Mary Bess (14)
    Phrag. Noirmont longifollum 'Fu Man Chu' X Mem. Dick Clements 'Three Flames'
    Phrag. Red Lightning (sargentianum'Vivid' warscewiczianum 'Windy Hill" have 2 of them (6)
    Phrag. Super Grande ( longifolium X warscewiczianum (12)
    Phrag. Tall Tails ' Thunderbolt"X warscewocziannm "Windy Hill' (1)
    Phrag. wallisii ' Tower Grove' Hcc x Windy Hill (2)
    __________________________________________________ ________________
    Autumn sunx lemon bright solar max yellow
    Baldan's kaleidscope
    Brother budchs ho x boinensis lady ching
    Brother sally taylor hearts desire
    Butterfly creek X Dawn treader maria teresa Hcc/Aos recieved from Jon Jan 25th 03
    Carmelas bright lights orange delight
    Carmelas brite lights 'fireballxbrother pitate king bugged
    China best girl xyoshicos
    Dpts. Redland Plum (2)
    dtps jim burgandyXgolden daybreak
    Everspring King Dragon
    Everspring Light Lin
    Flor de mato x dupagexmonticello
    Golden peoker
    Golden sunX bro. purple
    Haufeng red jewelxmambo princess
    Katie Morris
    Orchid club feebie
    Orchid World Joe
    P. cameo
    P. Chingruey's Buddah (fortune buddha x penang girl 5/30/03 orchid club
    P. Gold brother nugget
    P. Happy stripe
    P. New song
    Pacific legend
    Phal. Brother Sally Taylor ( sib. cross Sandy's Grape X Darrins Grape
    Phal. Earth Star
    Phal. Kahurangi X self compot 4 plants eoom . 4/o4
    Phal. Lava Glow
    Phal. No Complaint X No Wonder (fragrant)
    Phal. Summer Beach
    Phal. Tinny Sunshine X Tinny Snowflake
    Phal. Zuma Giant Hcc/ AOS> X Nanacy Ann "Malibu Clouds"
    Pink picotx fairbanks
    Rio candy x city girl
    Summer beach
    Taipei Gold
    Taisco lady lip xtrue ladyxtaisuco red lip
    Taisuco kochdidianxyukimi
    White Cay Zuma beachx van gogh p. hakalau hawaii
    Zuma keystone
    New ones not added yet . Gin

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    I forgot these .

    Colm. wildcat perfume lilly
    Colmnra Wildcat hung Shang #7
    Encyclia cordigera xmas 2001
    Gower ramsey
    Odcdm. Golden trident golden gate ,crappy 11 03
    Ornithorhychumx X chirophorum
    Sharry baby (3)
    Sharry baby var. aurea from Doug x mas 2001
    Sharry baby 3 colors
    Sharry baby --red fantasy
    species (tiny mounted ) Luke
    Tolumnia Mem. Ralph Yagi X Stunner)red magic'
    Tolumnia Pink Deluxe 'maroon delight'
    Twinkle fragrance fantasy Luke -bloom spike Oct.

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