Bollea violacea
Phal. hybrid (white with fine pink spots)
Pot. Shin Shiang Diamond
Laeliocattleya Sakura Sky x Horace Maxima
Oncda. Chaculatum
Lc. Robert Strait x Blc. Haw. Wizard 'hawaii'
Stanhopea tigrina
Sophronitis cernua
Pahiopedilum bellatulum
Cochleanthes amazonica
a random green leaf paph,
an old VERY large flowered Cattleya
another Catt that i dont know the name of
a miltassia 'Shelob tolkein' (im a LotR enthusiast lol)
and a randonm Oncidium hybrid that ive had for years!
a Pleurothallis (idk what kind)
a Dendro hybrid
and a Phaius tankervillae

whew...i think thats all. But i Hope to have a Psychopsis by the end of the month.