Quite a hectic weekend preparing the new members, added these to my collection:

Blc. Yen 24 Carats
Blc. Chyong Guu Swan
Blc. Cripin Rosale
C. Korat spot
Blc. Shin Fong Beauty
Blc. Taiwan Queen
Ctna. Maui Maid x Blc. Mahina Yahiro
C. Korat Spot
Blc. Chia Lin Beauty
BC Pastoral Innocence

KOK 40 Tolu. Jairak Rainbow (Pink/orange spots)
KS 477 Tolu. Jairak Rainbow (yellow/brown spots)
Oncidium Popoki Red

Den. formosum
Den. Rena Zehran Blue
Den. Big Ham hybrid
Den. Jairak Spin - (Twist) orange/yellow
Den. Jairak Helix - (Twist) orange/brown
Den. Miss Singapore
Den. Black Spider
Den. Coerulea blue

Calanthe rosea

Was not supposed to be so many but with orchids .... you can never add one or have too many ..

Hoping for lots blooms in the near future