Bl. Yellow Bird

Blc. Hawaiian Treat
Blc. Crowfield 'Mendenhall'
Blc. Beautiful Morning
Blc. Momilani Rainbow
Blc. Hawaiian Leopard (Brassolaelia Richard Mueller x Waianae Leopard)
Blc. Sharon King 'Yuki'
Blc. Goldenzelle 'Lemon Chiffon'

Brass. argulgera Darkest X amberstone- S/H

Dgm. Winter Wonderland 'White Fairy- S/H

Doritis pulcherrima v. chumpornensis Lakeview

Dtps. Leopard Prince

Gastrochilus dasypogon

Haraella Odorata

Lutherara Claire Bradshaw 'Guilliotine'

Milt. St. Heliers x Milla Hull

Mtssa. Dark Star 'Orchidworks'
Mtssa. Shelob 'Webmaster'- S/H

Onc. Ornithorhynchum 'Lilac Soap'
Onc. Sharry Baby Tricolor- S/H

Paph. Spicerianium- S/H
Paph. Vodoo magic x Ruby Leopard 'Fire Flame'

Phal. Anika
Phal. Baldan's Kaleidoscope 'Golden Treasure'
Phal. Brother Zip- S/H
Phal. Mini Lava Glow- S/H
Phal. Mini Sylba- two plants in the same pot- S/H
Phal. (possible) Happy Girl

Phrag. Sedenii 'blush'

Sedirea Japonica

Slc. Bright Angel OC

Vandirea Newberry Jasmine

I have a built in china cabinet all my kids live on in 3 large south facing windows. As far as media- if its not in S/H it's in a bark, perlite, charcoal mix. Depending on my mood, the S/H can be straight LECA, LECA and lava rock, LECA, lava rock & perlite or LECA and perlite. Everything in S/H has bloomed or will this year. Nothing mounted since I can't wake up early enough in the morning to water them properly. I have control over the number of my collection because I will be out on my a$$ if I don't. Thankfully my DH is like any normal husband- he doesn't notice if the grow area looks different and he has no idea how to count.