Being in an apartment, space is very limited so I'm forced to keep my collection quite small. It's not all bad, though, because I feel like I can give each plant more attention that way and they're more "individual" to me that way. So here's my list! (So far...haha)

Blc. Andean Treasure
Lc. S.J. Bracey 'Waiolani' AM/AOS
Slc. Hsin Buu Lady 'Y.T.'
Den. Dragon Five
V. Pure's Wax
V. Khao Lak x V. Dr. Anek 'Somsri'
Mok. Khaw Piak Suan x Ascda. Jiraprapa
Phal. KV Beauty
Rossioglossum Rawdon Jester

These names are what the tags say, so if any are incorrectly spelled feel free to tell me!