dendrobium 'jade' (phal type) my first chid!
cycnodes 'jumbo puff' in spike
calanthe noid (red and white deciduous type) in spike
onc. sharry baby in spike
zygopetalum 'adelaide meadows' never bloomed
enc. cochleatum in spike
psychopsis papillo always in bloom/bud
rhyncolaelia digbyana (seedling)never bloomed
gongora galeata
onc. flexuosum never bloomed, still young
dendrochylum glaucamen (rescued from florist heap)
enc. tampensis never bloomed, still young
stanhopea oculata
sedeira japonica never bloomed, in thumb pot
epicatt richard mueller x epi canopseum in bloom
paph raisin pie
catt crystall smith 'aileen' in bloom
miltassia dark star 'darth vader' very vigorous!
catt mini purple 'blue hawaii' in bloom
ludisia discolor
brassavola nodosa
miltonia noid never bloomed, still young division
paph noid darkish maude type
phal noid target special purple blooms
bollopetallum drop dead beautiful blue blooms!
brassidium lillian oka 'hawaii'
bletilla striata
restrepia muscaferia almost always has at least one flower
max tenufolia never bloomed

used to have a miltonidium pupukea sunset...until it bloomed. it smelled like somebody crapped onto an old lady's hairdo!

sorry for the informal way of writing and the chopped up names. it's not that i do not know correct grammar, i'm just lazy, m'kay?