These, so far, are my plants. Very few, really. They are grown outside shielded from the sun with double (black) netting. Substrate of choice is charcoal for the Cattleyas and phals, mixture of soil, rice husk and manure for cymbidiums, paphs and spaths, and driftwood mount + coconut husk for dendrobiums & grammatophylum.

Cattleya Alliance

BC Languedoc 'Singapore Welcome'
BC Trudy Baker 'Purity' x MC40 (I don't really know what MC40 means...)
BLC Alma Kee 'Tipmalee'
BLC Chia Lin
BLC Haadyai Delight 'Bangrom Gold'
BLC Malvarosa Sonata
BLC Memoria Benigno Aquino 'Krull Smith' x BC Mount Hood
BLC Pamela Finney 'big bull'
BLC Pink Diamond
BLC Pink Empress
C Hawaiian wedding song 'virgin' x BC Trudy Baker 'purity'
LC Chyong Guu 'Swan'
LC Tainan City
POT Tzeng Wen 'Lin Fang' x BLC Malvarosa Lime Smile
RLC Lucky Strike
RLC Olga Severino Martel (RLC Fringe Benefits x RL digbyana)

Oncidium Alliance

Oncidium 'Sherry Baby'
Dgmra 'White Fairy'


Den. anosmum
Den. aphyllum


Aerides quinquevulnera
Cymbidium 'Golden Elf'
Grammatophylum scriptum var citrinum
Myrmecophila tibicinis
Phalaenopsis equestris
Paphiopedilum philippinense
Spathoglottis plicata