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a part of my collection

This is a discussion on a part of my collection within the Members' Growlists forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; I spent last summer inventorying my collection. I have an interest in Paph rothschildianum and ...

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    Ron-NY is offline rothaholic
    Join Date
    Jan 2007
    Saratoga Co. New York

    Default a part of my collection

    I spent last summer inventorying my collection. I have an interest in Paph rothschildianum and it's primaries. Some of these are still seedlings some I have bloomed, others I hope to bloom soon. Talk about addictions...Here is my roth primary list:

    Paph A de Lairesse (rothschildianum X curtisii)
    Paph Andronicus ( roth X victoria-mariae )
    Paph Bel Royal (kolopakingii X roth 'Janet' FCC/AOS)
    Paph Cooksonii (roth. X druryi)
    Paph David Ott (supardii x rothschildianum)
    Paph Dellense (mastersianum X roth. 'Big Shoulders')
    Paph Delrosi (delenatii 'The King' X roth. 'Eureka' AM/AOS )
    Paph Delrosi (seedling) [2]
    Paph Dollgoldi (roth x armeniacum)
    Paph Geoffrey Hands (roth. 'Windy Hill' x tigrinum 'Windy Hill')
    Paph Geoffrey Hands (roth ‘Kingpin’ x tigrinum #2)
    Paph Gerd Rollke (roth x emersonii)
    Paph Gloria Naugle (roth '266A' x micranthum 'Red')
    Paph Harold Koopowitz (malipoense 'Green Goddess' X roth. 'NY')
    Paph Harold Koopowitz [2]
    Paph Humoresque (roth 'Charles E' FCC/AOS X hirsutissimum 'Orchid Loft') [2]
    Paph Iantha Stage 'My Sweet Baboo' (sukhakulii X roth) [B&C]
    Paph Iantha Stage 'Dove' AM/AOS (roth x sukhakulii)
    Paph Ingens (roth. X insigne )
    Paph Johanna Bernhardt (roth. 'Knight' X adductum 'Black Stallion')
    Paph Johanna Bernhardt (roth 'Knight' X adductum) {s}
    Paph Julius (roth x lowii)
    Paph Jupiter (roth 'Rocketeer' x hookerae '07')
    Paph Lady Isabel (roth x stonei) [2/1 iffy]
    Paph Prime Child (roth x primulinum)
    Paph Prince Edward of York (sanderianum X roth.) cholchicine treated (bl 6.6)
    Paph Prince Edward of York(seedling)
    Paph Rolfei (roth x bellatulum)
    Paph Susan Booth (roth. '266A' x praestans)
    Paph Susan Booth (roth. 'Charles E' FCC/AOS x praestans 'Knob Creek' HCC/AOS) [ratcliffe]
    Paph St Swithin (philippinense X roth.) - [Silva Orchids, NJ]
    Paph St Swithin (philippinense X roth.) - [B&C]
    Paph Taiwan (roth. 'Ambria' X platyphyllum (stonei var latifolium) 'Ruth Kennedy' AM/AOS
    Paph Transdoll (roth. 'Commander' X liemianum '*****cat')
    Paph Transdoll (roth. X liemianum)
    Paph Transvaal 'Foothill' AM/AOS (roth x chamberlainianum)
    Paph Unique (roth X fairrieanum)
    Paph W.R. Lee (superbiens x roth) - [Papa Aroha Orchids, NZ]
    Paph W.R. Lee (superbiens x roth)
    Paph William Ambler (roth. 'Janet' AM/AOS X wilmelminia 'Chester Hill' AM/AOS)
    Paph William Ambler (seedling)
    Paph Woluwense (niveum X roth) [Hilltop]
    Paph William Trelease (roth x parishii)
    Paph Vanguard (glaucophyllum X roth.)

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    Ron-NY is offline rothaholic
    Join Date
    Jan 2007
    Saratoga Co. New York

    Default added 3 more this week

    I ordered a Paph roth x sangii and lucked out today while an HCC/AOS Paph lowii was being divided, an immature growth fell off. It is now part of my collection. The division, 2 mature and one immature growth, sold for $750. It is a stunning lowii and had been blooming at least 2 X per year. I also have a new Bulbo species arriving that I am receiving in trade.

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    Ron-NY is offline rothaholic
    Join Date
    Jan 2007
    Saratoga Co. New York

    Default July 2007 Phrag collection

    I have a small collection of Phrags. I am now trying to focus my Phrag collection on crosses made with besseae var flavum.:

    Phrag besseae var dalessandroi
    Phrag caudatum
    Phrag kovachii
    Phrag schlimii
    Phrag schlimii 'Wilcox' AM/AOS (Cardinale)
    Phrag walisii


    Phrag After-Glo 4N (Eric Young 4N 'MM' x Sorcerer's Apprentice 'Fantastic')
    Phrag Ashley Wilkes 3N (Eric Young 4N ‘Mount Millais’ x warscewiczianum)
    Phrag Cape Sunset (Eric Young x schlimii)
    Phrag Chuck Acker 3N ( Eric Young 'Mont Millais' AM/RHS X walisii)
    Phrag Dick Clements var flavum
    Phrag Don Wimber var. flavum (Eric Young 4N x besseae var. flavum)
    Phrag. Eric Young 4N x wallisii
    Phrag. Hanne Popow var. flavum (schlimii 'Golden Halo' X Besseae var. flavum 'Eldorado')
    Phrag Olaf Gruss v. flavum (Aker)
    Phrag Patti MacHale (sargentianum x pearcei)
    Phrag Penn’s Creek Cascade (Grande ‘Gigantea’ 4N X wallisii)
    Phrag Praying Mantis (longifolium ‘Red Ropes’ x boisserianum ‘El Patron’)
    Phrag Sedenii (longifolium x schlimii)
    Phrag Ruby Slippers var flavum
    Phrag Sedenii 'Penn Valley' AM/AOS [ is actually a Schroederae {caudatum X Sedenii})
    Phrag Sorcerer's Apprentice
    Phrag Tara (Don Wimber 4n 'The Best' X Dick Clements 'Joshua')
    Phrag (Demetnia 'Mem. Don Willet' HCC/AOS X walisii 'Warrior')
    Phrag kovachii x Living Fire
    Phrag Suzanne Decker (kovachii X Cape Sunset)
    Phrag Haley Decker (kovachii X Saint Ouen)
    Phrag kovachii X Walter Schomburg

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    Ron-NY is offline rothaholic
    Join Date
    Jan 2007
    Saratoga Co. New York


    finished an inventory of my Catlleya group. I didn't realize how many I had.

    C. aurantiaca
    C. aurantiaca var aurea (TZ 8.7)
    C. aurea (TZ 8.7)
    C. bowringiana var coerulea (TZ 8.7)
    C. dowiana (TZ 8.7)
    C. intermedia (‘Pauwela’ x ‘Pink Panther’) (Tom-PA)
    C. maxima (TZ 8.7)
    C. maxima( ‘Wiskey Creek’ x self) 10.7(Rachael/lothianjavert) compot
    C. maxima (#1 x #2) 10.7(Rachael/lothianjavert) seedlings
    C. walkeriana (TZ 8.7)
    C. walkeriana var. alba ‘Pendentive’ (PR 4.5)
    C. walkeriana var. coerulea (H&R 2.6)
    C. walkeriana var. (semi alba H&R X Puanani) (H&R 2.6)
    C. walkeriana var. (Tipo x Puanami)

    B. acaulis
    B. cucullata
    B. glauca
    B. nodosa ‘Minney Mouse’

    L. gloedeniana
    L. gouldiana (TZ 8.7)
    L. sicorana (Tom-PA)

    B. David Sanders (cucullata and Rhyncholaelia digbyana) (TZ 8.7)
    B. Jiminy Cricket (Rhyncholaelia (Brassavola) digbyana and B. nodosa)
    B. Little Stars (nodosa x cordata)
    B Little Stars ( B. nodosa X B subulifolia) (+div,sml)

    Bc. Binosa ‘Paul’ (B. nodosa x C. bicolor)
    Bc. Hippodamia (B. nodosa x C. aclandiae), (Marty’s 4.7)
    Bc. Jacqui ‘David Merkle’ (C. granulosa X B nodosa)
    Bc. (Little Stars X Makai ‘Mayumi’)
    Bc. Maikai ‘Mayumi’ (B. nodosa X C. bowringiana )
    B. nodosa ‘Susan Fuchs’ FCC X Blc Burdekin Wonder ‘Lake Land’ AM (8.6 seedling A. Black)

    Bl Richard Mueller Crosses:

    Bl Richard Mueller ‘Orchid Heights’ HCC/AOS
    Bl Mem. Bernice Foster (Bl Richad Mueller x B cordata)
    Bl Golden Glory ( Bl Richard Mueller X L tenebrosa)
    Bl Richard Mueller X Laelia aurea (Marble br farm 9.6)
    Blc Richard's Bonanza (Bl Richard Mueller X Lc. Bonanza Queen) (David-Desert Gardner)
    Bl Yellow Bird (B. grandiflora x Bl. Richard Mueller)
    Blc Copper Queen (Bl Richard Mueller x Toshie Aoki 'Pizzaz')
    Bl. Haiku Dawn ‘Sunshine and Raspberries’ AM/AOS (Bl Richard Mueller x Blc Goldenzelle)
    Blc Haleahi Sunbow X Bl Richard Mueller (Marci)
    Blc Hilltop Star (Bl. Richard Muller x Bc. Maikai ) (Dawn 4.7)
    Blc Golden Tang (Bl. Richard Mueller x Blc. Waikiki Gold) (Clark 8.7)
    Blc. Yuan Nan Mini (Bl. Richard Mueller x C. Chocolate Drop)
    Blc Meiner Seele Schats (C Penney Kuroda ‘Spots’ X Bl Richard Mueller)
    Blc Rustic Spots (C. landate X Bl. Richard Mueller)
    Blc Stan’s Golden Car (Bl Richard Mueller X Blc. Makaha Gold )
    Blc Yuan Nan Mini (Bl Richard Mueller x C. Chocolate Drop)
    Epi floribunda X Bl Richard Mueller
    Maclemoreara Lanny Morry (Bl Richard Mueller X Schomb thompsoniana)

    Bl. Morning Glory ‘Remar’
    Bl Morning Glory 'H&R' (TZ 8.7)
    Bl. Morning Glory X C. Hawaiian Jewel
    Bl. Morning Glory X Lc. Melody Fair
    Bl Mornig Glory 4N X L. pupurata var. carnea
    Blc Everything Nice 'First Love' HCC/AOS (Clark 8.7)
    Blc George King ‘Serendipity’ AM/AOS
    Blc Keowee (Lc Lorraine Shiri x B nodosa)
    Blc Keowee ‘Newberry’
    Blc. Mem. Crispin Rosales ‘Costa Rica’ AM/AOS
    Blc. Mem. Graciela Garcia (Lc Mini Purple x B. nodosa) (7.7 Jose)
    Blc Merlin (B nodosa X Blc Dark Waters)
    Blc Momilani Rainbow (Lc Mari’s Song X C. Orange Nuggett)
    Blc. Beautiful Morning (Bl. Morning Glory X Lc. Bonanza Queen)
    Blc Ports of Paradise ‘Emerald Isle’ ( Blc Fortune X B. digbyana )
    Blc. Spotted Gem ‘Snow Leopard’ (C. Palolo Spots X Blc. Elaine Spotted Star )

    C. Bactia ‘Grapewax’ ( C. bowringiana X C. gutatta)
    C. Hybrida first Cattleya hybrid, 1863: (C. loddigesii x C. guttata) [Stewarts]
    C. Landate (guttata x aclandie) (oak hill/ Tim Costillo 10.7)
    C. Mini Purple ‘Blue Hawaii’
    C. (Mimi Purple ‘Blue Moon’ X bowringiana var coerulea ‘M ‘)
    C. Netrasiri Waxy ’Jairug’ (7.7 seedling)
    C. Peckhaviensis (aclandiae x schillariana) [Waldors]
    C. Penny Kuroda ‘Spots’ (C Summer Snow X C. gutatta)
    (C. Penney Kuroda X C. gutata album) X Blc. Waikiki Gold
    C. Pradit Spot ‘Black Prince’ Am/AOS (Candace 5.7)

    (Ctna. Jamaica Red x C. Penney Kuroda)

    Caulocattleya ( Dial ) Chantilly Lace (C El Dorado Splash X Caularthron bicornutum)

    Epc El Haltito ‘Bouquet’ [Stewarts]
    Epc Don Herman ‘Butterball’
    Epc Siam Jade ‘AVO’

    Eplc. Tinker Toy ‘Sprite’

    Gerberara Snow Ballet

    Hksna Sogo Doll ‘Jennifer’

    Iwanagaara Appleblossom

    L. Amoena ‘Blue Magic’

    Lc. Alaron var coerulea (C. Dupreana ‘Blue Shadow’ X Lc. Canhamiana ‘Lapis Lazulii’)
    Lc. Beauty Holiday Utuado (C. Cynthia Martel Utuado X L. rubescens) (2-Jose)
    Lc Imperial Wings ‘Noble’ SM/JOGA
    Lc. Hawaiian Grandeur ‘Melody’
    Lc. Mem. Robert Straight ‘Blues’
    Lc Rosie’s Surprise ‘Crestview’ (Irene Finney x C. walkeriana)
    Lc. White Spots ‘Firing Cat’
    Lc [gaskelliana 'Blue Dragon' x (L purpurata x Lc Egerland)] (C.Watson 10.7)

    Myrmetonia Summertime (Broughtonia sanguinea x Myrmecophila tibicinis) (Jose 7.7)

    Pot. Delta Dawn (Pot. Rebecca Merkel X B. nodosa)
    Pot. Elaine Taylor 'Krull-Smith', FCC/AOS
    Pot. Lawless Lohiengri (Makaha Gold X Free Spirit) ‘Carmela’
    Pot. Richard Young (Slc Naomi Kerns X B nodosa)

    Sc. Hawaiian Beau ‘Hihimanu’ (Sc Beaufort X C. Hawaiian Friendship)

    Slc Jungle Beau (Lc Jungle Elf X Slc Beaufort)
    Slc Little Fairy ‘ Yellow Hydrangea’
    Slc. Warpaint ‘Sunbulb’
    Slc.[ (Lc Precious Stones x C. schillerana) X Soph brevipedunculata]

    Sophronitis cernua

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    Ron-NY is offline rothaholic
    Join Date
    Jan 2007
    Saratoga Co. New York


    received a nice division of a Cym sinense var alba today as a gift from a generous Cym grower and breeder...can't wait to see it bloom!

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