I just got one a little while ago that wasn't in the greatest shape but i've been plugging at it. It has a lot more and bigger leaves than when I got it a couple of weeks ago. I've found a couple care sheets on line but was curious if anyone hear had any experience and could answer a couple questions.

!. Does anyone have any pics of what their entire plant looks like out of bloom? I've seen sonme pics online but most of them have a bunch of flowers obscuring the plant itself. my orchid seems like it has alot more roots than the ones online. It has roots that stick out up to 3 inches

2. My orchid is a wild child. It is growing of the mount from numerous rhizomes. I read on one site that i can cut off peices that are 3 bulbs or more that are hanging off the mount. Ican start a new plant with these peices?

3. Where does the flower grow from on the plant? Does it come from the top of the psuedobulb like the leaf does? Does it come from the leaf?

4. Do the back bulbs ever get leaves or flowers on them again or are they just "batteries" for the active growth like an oncidium?

5. Any tips anybody has? I dunk it in very weak (not even 1/4 strength)
20-20-20 fertilizer twice a week and mist 2-3 other days when it starts to feel dry. I have it hanging in a philodendron above a buch of other plants so i think my humidity is o.k.