Put three dollars into raffle tickets and ended up winning TWICE!
Unfortunately, both prizes are unknown to me (Big surprise there...)
and I'm having difficulty finding much info on line.

Any culturing tips on D. Bracteosum &/or Gga Odoratissima would be appreciated!
I'm zone 9B, and grow under shade all year, except when cold fronts run through. I expect the dendo needs to come in on nights under 60*F?
Or can it take cooler? It's a keiki, so it has a way to go before flowering. It's presently potted, but I'm a sucker for mounted orchids...
The Gongora looks rough, tag indicates it was from the OTHER orchid society in town... I think someone got tired of trying to get this chid to grow...
Again, I can't find really thorough care info on either of these.
If you can point me or give any care advice, I'd appreciate it!