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I have a similar situation. I got a phal orchid as a Valentine's Day gift, and it was beautiful. However, shortly after I got it, the leaves fell off one by one. They looked healthy up until they fell off. After all of the leaves fell off, the blossoms began falling off from the bottom up. There were only two rather wilted blossoms left at the top, and after doing some reading, I cut off the stem near the bottom. I took the plant out, and the moss it was planted in was rather damp. I have taken it out of the plastic thing it came in and spread out the moss a little and put it in a slightly bigger pot. Some of the roots have withered. However, there are still some green roots. Is there any hope that my little plant will eventually re-grow leaves? If so, what is the best course of action?
I would get it out of the moss and repot in a bark mix if there are still good roots. If most of the roots are gone, then try the 'Sphag and Bag' treatment keeping the plant in lower light until it grows some new leaves and roots.