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After all of my hesitation, I did a (seemingly hourly) check-up on the little guys and lo and behold!

New growth!

The Stanhopea and Kegelellia both have sent up some new growth, the brassavola seems to be working on it's roots and neither of the dendrobes seems to enthusiastic yet.

I just wanted to thank you all, and Kiwi specifically for all of your help.

They're currently on the top of the fridge and seem to like it quite well, that as well goes for the Kegelellia, so I think you may be on to something with the low light.

Interestingly enough, when I had them on the grow table, the dendro spect and the stanhopea were the only two to show signs of sunburn and with the dendrobe being so acclimated to harsh sunlight in it's native land, i'm surprised the kegelellia didn't shrivel up right then and there.

I have a mount for the brassavola and was told to mount when root growth is active, would this make it the opportune time to mount? Should I give it a little more acclimation time? Once mounted it wont be able to stay above the fridge due to insufferably low ceilings...

Thoughts or opinions?
Its a seedling too right? I wouldnt do it for another couple of years-to play it safe Just do it when a new growth bud appears, that way you wont damage any new roots that will appear soon after the growth bud.