Hello Orchid Lovers!

I have a calanthe vestita. In reading about this orchid I find that there is a phase toward the end of its growing cycle whereby the leaves begin to turn brown and die back. It is at this time that the flower spike is supposed to emerge. I've read that watering at this point should be kept at a minimum. I have watered the plant, very lightly to get the top soil moist, once after two and half weeks and have not been watering it as much since the leaves began to turn.

My question is, is there a danger of too little watering? The pseudobulbs are shrinking a bit and no spike has yet emerged. The bottom growth of the leaves looks healthy and firm. The die back of the leaves begins at the tops of the leaves and works down - I suppose. BTW: I bought the plant over six months ago, so I'm new to this plant.

Though I have done some homework on this orchid, I thought I would see what the experts will have to say about this phase in the calanthe's life cycle.