Hello Human Orchids, I have come across the other species of orchid to the one above, a friend has about a dozen hung onto one parent plant which I am going to ask for one of them, it is the other one with the little stripes of purple on the lower lip I think Paph referred to it before, thanks to all who have contributed to this discussion, I will not bother to spray the plants with insecticide again as I understand now that they depend on the ants and get nutrients too, but, should I put any orchid food on them? I have been doing that and also I have found that the flowers do not last more than about two days is that normal? and another thing is I live not too near the sea but in the central part of Trinidad closer to where was cane fields once, are these orchids seed barers and taken to different areas by the winds? I am interested in knowing this too. Serama you have given such detailed information thanks again. Easter time and orchids here are baring profusely so look out for pics everyone.