One mistake ppl seem to make is thinking that misting substitutes for humidity. It doesn't. It helps raise moisture levels, thats all. Still great for dry climates but can also cause damage to blooms and foliage if not done correctly. I reccommend a pot with stones and water. You can even use decorative stones to dress up the office as long as they are not crystalized (like the ones used in fish tanks). Solid stone. Let the water evaporate naturally before refilling. Mist less for indoor plants or risk rot. Mas orchids need to stay cool but not freezing. According to my friend 78Terp, you can purchase cooling pots ( I did not know that ). Perhaps that would help. Keep bark moist and air regulated. Never place plant in higher than 75 heat. Some will tell u 80, that is wrong. 70 heat is more ideal but i know some climates need some wiggle room (Like mine).