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Now that's a very interesting idea. Let us know how it works out. That one is totally outside of my experience!
Carol, this idea did not work out! It was too much work to detach them from hanging position for watering, especially with those inflorescence, and if to water locally water did not go well through the nylon. So i re-potted them into original plastic pots but i drilled more holes for air circulation. Maybe too many if i water in the morning by evening bark looks dry already. Currently i water two times a week but constantly think maybe i should water every other day?! Roots look closer to white all the time. Humidity on average day is 45 - 50%.
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Looks like they get enough sun, not too much to burn them. Its funny all last weekends were cloudy so i could not noticed when exactly they getting full sun. But finally today is sunny and by 11 am there is no direct sun on them (i left home at 7am and come back only around 11am).
Some older leaves look droopy after changing location, but i think its due to lost of some roots after re-potting. Good news is two plants grow new leaves and another shows sign of new root. So I'm hopeful they like their new location

Catt Mandu, thank you for advice about Peace lilies! I will look into your idea! after I read your post I tried reply with more questions about it but for some reason my post did not go trough ... two times... so i left it for other time. In what kind of soil your Spathiphyllum is potted? I wanted to ask how to propagate peace lilies but just Googled that you have to dig rhizome out and cut it - not a good method of stealing a piece from one in an office area of our lab - gotta go to buy one.