I grow mine in this kind of stuffName:  image.jpg
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Size:  26.4 KB mixed with some medium sized bark. They DO like a tight pot and when I first repotted it, it wasn't doing anything so I went down a size and then it really started putting out new roots AND NOW A SPIKEName:  image.jpg
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Size:  83.5 KB. I give mine a good soak once a week and just a little drink 2 other times a week. They like to get almost dry, depending on which variety you have, of course. I have some minis that can take a lot more light than some of my bigger ones...go figure Name:  image.jpg
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Size:  127.6 KB. I keep my humidity at around 75/ they get a lot of light (what I was told is about 2500 -3000 f.c.) and a LOT of air circulation. I use GroMore once a week and their bloom formula in season. A little super thrive and orchid myst can't hurt either along with MSU minerals, if you use distilled water like I do (unless an orchid specifically calls for really pure water, they all get distilled water every other watering with the MSU minerals. A few need just distilled water only and don't get anything else.). Between what I said (which is confusing in itself!), and what other people have said, are you confused yet?