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I have an Elizabeth Ann Buckleberry (longissiumum x rothschildianum) that I got this summer from a friend who said it didn't like her conditions (she can't grow phals well either, but her catts are amazing).
I have this Bulbo, too. It seems to be doing OK but it grows slower than my other Bulbos. Here is picture from last year (November 2013)

I believe the Bulbo needs more moderate conditions than mine. Anyway, CWC, it is a nice Bulbophyllum to try!

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I have probably 75 or so Bulbophyllums. I'm in Florida where it is bright, hot and sunny. They are in a shade house (50% )and in spag. moss and watered daily, some mounted, some baskets, but most in shallow bulb pots. I fertilize every ten days with 1/2 strength. I turn on a small heater if it is going to be below 45. They bloom and grow fast. They need to be kept wet and that wetness helps keep the humidity up.
Sounds just like me!