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Curious about Semi Hydroponic growing....

This is a discussion on Curious about Semi Hydroponic growing.... within the New Growers: Ask the Senior Members forums, part of the New Growers category; Hi Carol, would you please message Roy's website? I tried to find it here after ...

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    Hi Carol, would you please message Roy's website? I tried to find it here after seeing once but cant find anymore.
    Thank you!
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    ok so clay pellets is looking like something i definitely want to try. I'm guessing since there is no organic matter, you are all using fertilizers. What is everyone using?

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    oh also is there a brand of clay pellets that is better than others? or all they all the same?

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    As far as fungus gnats are concerned: the most effective thing I have found is to get some BT (bacilus thurengensis Israelenensis). It's a bacteria and I'm sure I spelled it wrong. It's easy to find even in my small town. Anyway, the kind I get comes in solid forms and I just break a little chunk off and let it soak overnight in a gallon of distiller water. It's important not to use tap because the chlorine will kill it (probably). Then I just water my plants with this water once a week and a few days after the first watering, there are only a few left or none, but I water a second time a week later with the solution for good measure. This has worked better for me than trying to spray the medium with bug spray because most insecticides have to contact the gnats and they just fly away and come back later. Systemic insecticides probably don't work because the gnats don't really feed on the plants much. You also run the risk of toxicity to your plants.
    Anyway, the larve eat the BT and die. They can't get away from it because they are little wormy things and if you drench the pots, they can't help but eat it because it gets on everything they eat.
    As far as the s/h keeping them down... I've seen gnats in my semi hydro pots, so I think that inert media sellers just use the "no gnats" as a marketing scheme. It may help keep the numbers down and I can't say it's not true for every inert medium because I have not tried them all, but for one brand of clay pellets, I have seen gnats. Fungus and algae can grow anywhere that is wet periodically like orchid pots. Even drying them out bone dry didn't get rid of the gnats the first time I had them. BT has been the simplest, safest, and easiest way I have found of getting rid of gnats. They say you can use it in horse troughs and since I have a dog that likes to get into everything, I like to go with the lest toxic pest/disease control measures I can find. This not only is "safe" but is also like a fungus gnat Chernobyl.

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