I am not a total newbie to orchids and know that 75% of the battle for success is finding the right plant for the living conditions. My phals are doing OK, but I am still tweaking the conditions to get them to bloom. I am finding that the sphagnum they usually come in keeps the roots too cool and moist... so I have needed to repot in bark/coconut, and then there is an adjustment period.

I keep getting conflicting info on which types might thrive in my home. Also, I work for a non-profit (and help to promote habitat protection, conservation, and environmental education!), so I don't have as much cash to gamble as some might. Wondering... is there a compact (not a tiny miniature) family, that will do well in the following conditions:

Temp: cool to intermediate (winter: 54 at night, 63-68 day; summers: whatever the temp is outside--don't have air conditioning... it can get quite warm, but usually not for more than a few days)

Light: several hours of morning sun, then bright indirect light for the rest of the day.

Humidity: on the low side, but I do use a humidifier when it is very dry (my cello and I appreciate it too), and the orchids have pebble trays.

Winter bloom time would be most appreciated and fragrance a wonderful bonus. I'm not terribly fond of paphs/slippers (no insult intended!). I live in NH and need all the cheer I can get over the winter.

The following have been suggested: odontoglossum, cymbidium, zygopetalum, oncidiums (Sharry Baby and Twinkle)...

Also, in NH I don't have many local plant sources. How can I be sure I am getting a good plant on line?
Thanks in advance!