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Crepes Au Cajun

This is a discussion on Crepes Au Cajun within the The 'NEW' Kitchen - off the Outback Terrace Bar forums, part of the The Outback Terrace Bar category; Description: Some call'em "funnel cakes", but where I grew up, they were called crepes! Serving ...

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    Default Crepes Au Cajun

    Description: Some call'em "funnel cakes", but where I grew up, they were called crepes!
    Serving Size: Small recipe for one or two people
    Time: @ 20 minutes
    Difficulty: Easy

    1. ingredients:
    2. 1 lg egg
    3. 3/4 cup of liquid: apple cider or orange juice is best, but water is the standard.
    4. 3/4 cup of flour
    5. 1/4 cup veg. oil or bacon drippings
    6. 2 TBSP Maple syrup (darkest grade you can get)

    7. 1/4 cupbrown sugar, opt.
    8. 1 TBSP butter, opt.
    9. 1 apple, chopped opt.
    10. 1 tsp cinnamon, opt.

    11. equipment:

    12. large metal bowl
    13. wire whisk or large fork
    14. flour sifter or screen-strainer
    15. 9" fry-pan
    16. brown paper or clean towel
    1. Put the bowl in the freezer for about ten minutes and make sure the liquid is cold, too. Also use a cold egg. (some people like to let an egg sit at room temperature because that is best for baking, but for this recipe it should be as cold as possible.)
    1. Crack the egg into the bowl. (For best results you should separate the white and yolk, but I usually do it the lazy way and let the whole egg go into the bowl at once)

    2. Using a vigorous short-stroke back-and-forth motion, whisk the egg to a froth. (if you have more than one kind of whisk, the wide balloony kind is best, and if you have no whisk, a fork will work.) If you separated the yolk & white, you will be doing this to just the white, and when it is nice and frothy, add the yolk, break it gently and fold it in.

    3. Drizzle the cold juice or water while continuing to whisk vigorously. You should have real suds!

    4. Now you will see why you should be using a large bowl for this small recipe: sift the flour with one hand while whisking with the other.*

    5. (*you might want someone to hold the bowl still while you do this. I have a very small sink in my studio apartment, so I wedge the bowl into it for this step. An alternative is to lightly sift the flour into a second bowl and put it into the mix in about three moves before the air settles out of it.)

    6. Put the frying on to heat and when it is hot pour the oil in. A little bit of bacon drippings added to the veg oil is good, but not necessary.

    7. Continue to whisk the batter while the oil heats up.

    8. The batter should have a thick cream consistency and the original sudsy liquid should now be giving it a velvet-like texture.

    9. Drop a bit into the oil, if it sizzles, it is ready.

    10. Take a large spoon and drizzle the batter in large squiggles (do not let children do this: the oil may pop from the moisture) and then spoon one pancake's- worth over it, as thinly as possible. Use the spatula to spread any thick parts.

    11. To avoid splashes, use two spatulas to flip it by sliding one under and sandwiching the other over.

    12. Put the first crepe onto the brown paper or clean towel and quickly make the second one. You can get up to four crepes out of this, depending on size. You might have to add a TBSP of oil now and then as you work.

    13. The crepes should have a nice fluffy, slightly lacey look.

    14. Then arrange the crepes on a platter and pour maple syrup over them, or you can roll them around chopped apples and cinnamon or any other fruit filling.

    15. A great variation:
    16. substitute half the liquid with orange marmalade and roll them around wedges of clementines, and use some Grand Marnier in the syrup!

    17. You can expand this recipe by less than doubling the liquid & flour for the number of eggs, assuming each egg's worth will give you 3-4 crepes.
    Last edited by dsm; July 14th, 2008 at 09:21 PM.

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    Ok, when will these be ready? I want to make sure I am not late. hehehe.. YUMMY!


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