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Noid Cattleya 'Big Tease'

This is a discussion on Noid Cattleya 'Big Tease' within the **NOT IN BLOOM** All Genera forums, part of the Orchid Photography category; They are both part of the cyanin family of chemicals... some are poisonous...some are not.. ...

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    They are both part of the cyanin family of chemicals...

    some are poisonous...some are not..

    anthocyanins are common in a lot of fruits and vegetables that we eat (blueberries) and obviously not poisonous..

    However, add a few carbon or hydrogen molecules or whatever...then they another compound and might be deadly...

    Quote Originally Posted by Cjcorner View Post
    Cleaner air i'm guessing means way higher levels sun to me. I have to wear a hat on clear days or I get what they call "sun crazy". It makes your head get really's weird and can make you feel very sick. I'm from Michigan....the sun there wouldn't burn anything, let alone a plant. Might freeze it, but no burns! lol Living here in Florida takes some getting used to. Lucky for me I'd always dreamt of retiring here so I love it inspite of the heat, bugs, black mold......etc.
    And, that related to cyanide??? Glad to know it's not burns. I have enough of that already on other stuff.

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    So, while the reds are not deadly....they are definitely addictive. lol It's all in the chemicals!

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    It is possible that those "reds" have been on the leaves all along.
    Its just that your elevated sunlight allowed the plant to scale back on its chlorophyll contents and thus allow the reds to peek through. (Same concept as leaves changing colors in autumn).

    It also explains why orchids craving for more sun takes on a much darker green color. It has to deploy more chlorophyll in order to maximize the light energy that is hitting the leaves. And plants that are receiving adequate light takes on a slight yellowish tint because the chlorophyll concentration is not as much and the leaves become somewhat translucent.
    Plants that are getting more than enough light though, scales back the chlorophyll even more and allows other color pigments to peek through the chlorophyll curtain.

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