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Have medium Orchiata, New Zealand Moss and S/H pellets. Not sure what treefern fiber is. Is there something you think that might be able to replicate this fiber. Have coconut fiber. Clueless so that may be a ridiculous substitute. Looking forward to following your advise. How else do you care for your Oncs. Lighting? Temperature?
Having nearly lost my orchids to Orchiata, I now create a mix with it, use the above with a bit of the coconut chunks that it arrived in. That will substitute for the tree fern. and give some aeration, and a few pellets never harm. I use them as perlite.

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tree fern fiber is the shredded roots of certain treeferns that are used as medium, they form a trunk-like stem that is really lots of little brittle roots. most orchid specialty shops on line have some version of treefern products, from slabs to pots, even large round balls that are cut or carved out of the treefern trunk. the little bits of it that are produced from cutting it up can form larger or smaller chunks, or just plain bits of the fiber loose. it is great for smaller rooted orchids, but remains somewhat open to allow airflow. i like to use it in my bark mixes, but it is not the only way to help your plant. the medium bar you have can be mixed with smaller bark if you have some, and the pellets and bits of moss. my oncidiums are outside facing south with a shady overhang, or int he south facing window. they get very bright light, but no direct sun. they get whatever natural air temperature we have here, i hardly ever use heat or ac. i do avoid any plants that need a lot of heat, as i don't have a greenhouse, so i limit myself to plants that like the weather here.

The problem i have with tree fern is that the plant is killed to acquire the medium for your orchids. There are now alternatives.