So far, I find the mound tends to settle or shrink. And the roots are, like you said, growing down into the sphag and pots. So far, they seem to like this potting. Next time I re-pot them, I will try for a higher mound than I was able to get this time around.

I have them outside now. But had to pull them in from outside at midnight last night due to my 4th bout of hail this season so far. I left the other 29 outside. Put them back out this morning before work. Fortunately, it looks like many of orchids naturally make it thru and it wasn't a horrible amount or sized hail. Also, they are closer to the house, almost under the eaves, than where I placed them last year. Burnt the heck out of them last summer in a couple of days. So most came back inside.

One of the neo sites I have read on, states that 'not resting didn't seem to make a difference in flowering'.