Some of my orchids new and orchid have some leaf spots on it. I'm curious are they something serious.

Mtdm. Rosy Sunset I just got myself last Sat. Southland Orchids Show
I notice most leafs with this kind of spot is on the leafs near the top of the bulbs.
I believe the spot is dry and the spot is too small to feel it. This Mtdm. also hv streak near those spots. I divide and pot into S/H
Sunburn or blackspot?
I used to have lots of Oncidium with some sort of spot or black thing on it. Are they normal?

___Bllr. purchase in Sep/Aug
Got it as discount orchid with potting mix spilled ll over but the plant is fine. Those spot seem innocent to me.


Black spot/ Sun burn/ Fertilizer burn/ Fungus?
I keep this underneath CFL desk lamp. It seems to be dormant or growing slow for me I fertilizer 1/8 or 1/4 Schultz Orchids feed almost everytimes I water.

A Sedirea seeding die since last week
I assume those are snail bite. If it is there other other option beside beear and commercial bait? I heard pet food dry kibble work as well/

Anyone could provide me some idea what happening and any treatment recommended. I'm going to look for cinnamon powder from 99cents only few day later since they sold out already.