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Leaf issues

This is a discussion on Leaf issues within the Orchid Ailments / The Compost Pile forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; Some of my orchids new and orchid have some leaf spots on it. I'm curious ...

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    Louis_C is offline Junior Member
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    Aug 2009

    Default Leaf issues

    Some of my orchids new and orchid have some leaf spots on it. I'm curious are they something serious.

    Mtdm. Rosy Sunset I just got myself last Sat. Southland Orchids Show
    I notice most leafs with this kind of spot is on the leafs near the top of the bulbs.
    I believe the spot is dry and the spot is too small to feel it. This Mtdm. also hv streak near those spots. I divide and pot into S/H
    Sunburn or blackspot?
    I used to have lots of Oncidium with some sort of spot or black thing on it. Are they normal?

    ___Bllr. purchase in Sep/Aug
    Got it as discount orchid with potting mix spilled ll over but the plant is fine. Those spot seem innocent to me.


    Black spot/ Sun burn/ Fertilizer burn/ Fungus?
    I keep this underneath CFL desk lamp. It seems to be dormant or growing slow for me I fertilizer 1/8 or 1/4 Schultz Orchids feed almost everytimes I water.

    A Sedirea seeding die since last week
    I assume those are snail bite. If it is there other other option beside beear and commercial bait? I heard pet food dry kibble work as well/

    Anyone could provide me some idea what happening and any treatment recommended. I'm going to look for cinnamon powder from 99cents only few day later since they sold out already.

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    LizFury's Avatar
    LizFury is offline Member
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    Liz Mateo Fury
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    Outside 24/7
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    Oct 2017
    Palawan, Philippines
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    I see this thread and no one gave any replies... i hope someone out there does.

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    LunchBox is offline Junior Member
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    Jan 2018
    Denver, Colorado
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    Same here. I have an oncidium with similar spots as the first image.

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    oile's Avatar
    oile is offline Senior Member
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    Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium
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    Dec 2015
    Ceva, Italia
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    some stains on the leaves, if few, of mormas are normal, but on the 1, 2 and 4 make me doubt, if it is circumscribed to a few leaves I would cut it, verifying that they do not reform.
    Prudentially I would make alternate treatments with a copper alternating with Aliette (Bayer), they are not mixable.

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    Dorsetman's Avatar
    Dorsetman is online now Senior Member
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    Geoff Hands
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    Cattleya ?
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    Oct 2010
    England, South coast.
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    Black spots are dead cells.what made them die ? This is as difficult as a forensic pathologist having a dead person on the slab, and asking the same question. If there is a bullet hole ( as you can tell I read a lot of crime fiction ) it is obvious, otherwise it is more difficult. Even more difficult in the case of orchids when we - the regular contributing "experts" are not standing in your growing area.
    Snails or slugs leave bare scraped or actually totally removed areas. They are not black. Sunburn starts with bleached, whitish areas, not black.
    Black means that bacterial or fungal infection has invaded the dead cells.
    Start with disinfecting your plants regularly to clean up and minimise the bacteria and fungi - you won't eliminate because the spores are everywhere. - of the order of hundreds in every cubic metre of air in the whole world...
    If you can get Physan - lucky you, its not sold in europe now for silly bureaucratic reasons - dilute to about 1:1000 initially, and spray all parts once per month. After a few months you can reduce to 1 in 5000.
    The"best orchid collection" in the world does that all the time. ( not mine, I hasten to add) although I follow their asvice in that direction. I also add an equivalent disinfectant to every drop of water i use with my plants for any reason at all , at the weaker level.

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