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Bug Bombs and Spider Mites?

This is a discussion on Bug Bombs and Spider Mites? within the Orchid Ailments / The Compost Pile forums, part of the Orchid Culture category; Hello Everyone, I have been having the worst trouble with spider mites in my greenhouse ...

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    aquakej is offline Junior Member
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    Jan 2005

    Default Bug Bombs and Spider Mites?

    Hello Everyone,

    I have been having the worst trouble with spider mites in my greenhouse this winter. They haven't (as to my knowledge) affected any of my orchids yet, just other plants, but I have tried many remedies to kill them and have not had much luck. My mom suggested I just set off a bug bomb in there.
    Any thoughts? I've heard that bug bombs can also kill plants....but that there might exist a bug bomb that is "indoor and house plant" safe? Has anyone ever tried this? I am at my wits end with these stupid mites and would rather not throw out all the plants they are on.
    I can remove my orchids from the greenhouse while the bomb is going off, but just in case one or two mites have made it onto one of the orchids, I'd feel better "sterilizing" everything.
    Any help would be much appreciated!


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    Hi Katie. In my opinion due to experience with mite outdoor and indoor at varying home locations Bug Bombs can assist and cant hurt but I would recommend adhereing to the more applicable scientific side of mites and apply treatment. Bug bombs are to generalised and you will kill beneficial insects which no doubt assist in benefitting the man made ecological environment. For mites you need specific products as they are not insects and they are very very vigilant. They also show widespread resistance to products due to their fast rate evolving. Purchase a miticide/ ovacide. The chemistry is designed to attack and kill or least reduce populations through varying methods i.e systemic, translaminar, suffocation, dehyration ( follow instructions). Sterilisng your environment is still a good move. If your 'green' use the varying products/ concoctions that are easily available and recommended on here. Neem oil, washing up liquid, chiili, garlic, isopryl alcohol (not enthanol). Keep humidity high and since orchids detest high temps, cool it otherwise you will help mites reproduce rapidly. Fingers crossed I have had no probs with mites in last couple of years except one suspicion on a cymbidium. I took precautionary action anyway. Locally in the area surrounding me mites are colonised all over outside so i advise you to take strict control environmentally as the buggers are airborne. Always mist under leaves and use varied media to assist in increasing humidity.

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    Hi , My daughter had a problem with mites on her Phals . I used a granule systemic labeled for roses that listed spider mites it did the trick did not hurt her plants , also used a soap spray on them to get the ones on them until the systemic got into the plants system A lot of the bug sprays won't get them , Neem oil will but have to keep the plant out of the sun and some plants are sensitive to it . Also the soap spray will but have to use it every 3 days wash leaves then spray . If you have Phals . near the problem plants be sure to check them ..

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    Cjcorner's Avatar
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    If you do an online search you will find a listing for a bug bomb for spider mites, scale, and other pests that attack orchids and other greenhouse plants. I do not remember the name of it, but it was on a website for greenhouse supplies.

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    As long as you don't intend to eat any part of the plants (herbs, citus, etc.) the systemic for roses works like a charm. It does take time, though, but once it starts to work, you won't have any bug problems. I've just treated my jasmines and plumaria with it and will treat my hibiscus to begin getting them ready for autumn. You apply every six weeks for best results. Good luck!
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