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Thanks a lot for your advises. I haven't seen any parasites on the plant, but I started treating it with isopropyl alcohol. I keep my plants in my room,. so I won't use any insecticides, other than alcohol, but i've read it works well on mites. I'm using a 70% dillution and read that it should be used once every 3 days, for several weeks. Is this info correct? If not, please tell me the correct usage.

Thank you, Gabi Borza
It sounds okay. I'd still recommend mixing it with a common household cleaner like 409 to increase treatment efficacy just to be safe-- then only spraying it once a week. I grow indoors as well, so using regular cleaners in a treatment as opposed to harsh greenhouse chemicals appeals to me. Make sure you are treating the potting media as well, lots of buggies like to hide out in there and re-infest your plant from there. Also, ensure you don't expose your plants to direct light after treatment, as the leaves can burn-- spray when they will be completely dry by the time the sun hits them. Good luck!