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Maura, I am glad you feel better now, and I don't think you were whining or so. We invest so much of ours into our orchid babies that every lost becomes not easy to go through.
Someone told me once, you cannot call yourself as an orchid grower until you have killed a hundred plants. It sounds to me rather optimistic.
You know, I had couple big disasters with my plants. First one happened two years ago when I forgot to unzip my walk-in greenhouse in the morning and literally cooked more than 30 plants, and second one happened just a few months ago when over 30 of my precious Catts were killed by black rot. Some of them were in bud, some in sheath... It is terrible when you see your orchids dying and you cannot help, but it is not a reason to give up... so I think. As for me, I got the lessons and moved on. I did think for a moment that I better should give up and quit buying plants anymore etc, but you know what? The best treatment was, buying a new plant or two.

Hmmmm..... nothing like a little orchid retail therapy to make the dead orchid blues go away - now I'm going to be dangerous with my little debit card....