Thanks, wuness, I might try that. This may be something else I can find out on the farm, I know they use some sort of oil additive as an emulsifier.

Wow--the actual Brother Sara Gold is nice. My phal is actually a sibling cross-- Phal. Brother Sara Gold x sib.-- and you know what they say about breeding hybrids--they never breed true to the parents. (I still plan to let my Golden Comets sit on a few eggs next spring. They're good hens and hopefully their chicks will retain some good characteristics, even if they look funny. ) The seller had flower pictures from other results of this cross and they were much less spotted than the original, with a really blended sunset art shade that I thought was cool. Mine didn't have much yellow, but it was very glittery and it was only its first bloom. We'll see what happens if it recovers from my neglect.