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I have no experience with seaweed extract, but I would hesitate to use anythng meant as a 'stimulant' on such weak plants. Take care of the big deficiencies from long term neglect (water, basic nutrients) and give the plants time to recover and they will grow when they are ready. Anything that might push a weak plant to grow before it is ready could be very counter-productive - weak growth that the plant can't support leading to another step backward. Your results may vary of course, but 38 years growing orchids plus a horticulture degree tell me to let nature do its job first.
I went back and read the entire thread over. I was thinking backbulbs and rootless plants. That's where ive used the seaweed extract as a growth stimulant. A last resort sort of deal. I read in the past that it contains many growth stimulating hormones that could activate eyes and encourage root production. I hope I didn't cause confusion for anyone.Posted via Mobile Device