Hi Ron,
You are correct, I was getting confused. I have looked up on the web and the images of Vanda Kasem Delight are the same as an unidentified orchid presently residing on my bedroom window sill (indoors). This particular orchid is now in flower for the second time. I shall now put the correct label with the correct orchid. I still have two unidentified orchids that have still not flowered, one seems to be showing signs of activity and should it flower I will ask if it is possible for knowledgable members to help in identifying it. The second which consists of only 4 thin short leaves approximately 4 inches long and 1/2 inch wide has remained in a dormant state for 6 years. I have decided to change the existing compost as it failed to retain any moisture at all
Thanks again for your help
Mal U.K
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