Hello Everyone,
Yesterday this phal was brought to my Mom's house. I will eventually take it home with me after it blooms, but because of the leaf issue I am not sure if it would be safe after a month or so of quarantine in her house.
I broke the phal out of this tight plastic pot it was in because there were no drain holes and the inner liner was stuck in the pot. Because the media was so wet I cut air holes all around the pot and put the pot on a trivet to elevate it so that it can also get air in the drain holes at the bottom.
Two of the leaves pictured here have spots on them and one is also yellowing. The leaves and spots are firm. Not sure if it is cold or sun damage, viral, or the remains of a fungal or bacterial infection. I put cinnamon on the orchid leaves and it is the only orchid in her house.
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I am tempted to cut the bad part of the leaves off and treat with physan but don't want to shock the orchid needlessly.