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It is a NOID , btw, so I don't know where it came from, although it looks as though it is part of an order of cattleyas which arrived last year, where one domestic crisis or another interrupted my potting up and making notes as the plants came into the collection - I have several NOIDs all from that batch. Don't know what happened - I suspect it is selective action on the part of my brain to get rid of unpleasant memories...
Whatever. When the flower opened at first I thought that the various patches of darker colour are the sort of streaks I have seen in pics labelled "virused' ; but as the flower matured they smoothed out and began to look more like thrips damage.
I thought that I had the thrips problem causing cattleya bud blast well under control ( by spraying buds as they emerge, and whilst the sprayer is in my hand, going round all the other developing buds , so they all get sprayed several times between emergence and opening ).
However , working on some other orchids in my greenhouse - cymbidiums, I recently noticed the typical "bulls eye" puncture marks on some new leaves, so they still have the odd attack of thrips.
I think these are two different species of thrips ( if they are both thrips ). . Two different patterns of feeding suggest two different pests - and there are about 19,000 different species of thrips it seems - all of which are too small for my old eyes to see, but their damage is all too plain.

But what do you guys think here ? The plant is of course segregated, but my wife complains about having rather dubious flowers in the smallest room ( joke)...