We've been working on the orchidBids site and have made some changes in the fee structure since nobody was listing anything!

It still costs a buck to register; that verifies who you say you are when you sign up.

Once you're in, you can list and sell items for under $25.00 without having to pay any setup or end-of-auction fees at all. That should cover 90% of what most folks always seemed to be buying and selling, and I hope the free ads for that tier encourages you guys to list there!

If you're trading stuff (meaning, you list something; someone else lists something; you offer your something for her something and she accepts it), there's no end of auction fee at all, and no listing fee if both your somethings were listed for under $25.00.

Want ads are also free. If you're a buyer and looking for something in particular, post a want ad. If you're a seller and you maybe have just the thing somebody wants, list it and let them know.

I hope this encourages more people to list. The only difference between listing there and posting a "for sale or trade" ad on the forum here (which we used to allow but don't anymore) is that there, members' identities are verified. That's a good thing, I think, especially when stuff and money are changing hands...

Anyway, I hope more of you give it a try and have some fun with your trades and purchases!

Swoop out...(!)