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Thanks for sharing.

That paph concolor has the most interesting shaped bloom.

I am also looking for a psy. mariposa 'alba' or similar!
Too bad you aren't down this way. I recently sent another friend from here to a local grower and I've seen those on her tables for sale. I'm not really a fancy grower otherwise I'd probably have one. I think they are cool looking.

To everyone busily admiring my self restraint....keep in mind that in the last five days I've acquired 3 phals in bloom, 4 sicko's to nurse and 2 nobile dendrobiums. The only one that truly was difficult to leave behind was the delicate pink dendrobium at the beginning of my post on the show. The seller is from one of my favorite nurseries and she informed me she had another back at the store. I just do not need any more plants right now. lol I need more shelves, and hooks and places to put hooks....

I'm absolutely thrilled that everyone has enjoyed the pictures. It was why I went....I wanted to take a ton of pictures to share with you all. Thank You for all the wonderful comments!