Well, Hoa and I had a wonderful day spent looking, buying, buying, looking, buying, buying... etc. We did most of the purchasing at two local vendors we visited first. They were having open houses to coincide with the show.

Hoa had the camera - so don't ask me for pictures!!!!

There were some truly spectacular plants at the show, including a stunning clear yellow paph, and a fantastic white phal. A lot of cyms, some very nice Dens.... *Hoa pointed out all the Dens.

So I will spend tomorrow potting up the divisions I got and rearranging space. I'll also tell you the story behind my $1.99 In bloom, multi-growth Paph Julius.......

Today’s small collection of purchases: (these are just mine - Hoa picked up a few others!!!

Den. Specosium (very large plant)
Den. Kingianum –Cross, in bloom on about 6 spikes
Zygo. Blacki ‘Negress” x Blue Banks ‘Arrowhead’ in bud
Den Delicatum ‘ Apple Blossim’ - a dead stick that Hoa guarantees will grow
Den Nobile ‘Purple Clusters’ (???) – another dead stick that Hoa guarantees will grow
Brassia Verucosa – small division
Lealie Anceps (microscopic size) division
Brassavola Little Stars – small division
Onc. Flexuosum – small division
Blc. Goldenzelle ‘Lemon Chiffon’ NBS
BLC Erin Kobayashi ‘Amy Chen’ seedling
Lc Bonanza Queen ‘Panamint’ seedling
Lc Mem. Robert Straight ‘Islander Delight’ seedling
Pot. Little Toshie ‘Yellow Rose’ – NBS
Epidendrum Sun Valley ‘Contrast’ x Pacific Vista ‘Beachball’ In bloom and spike
C. Schoerderae – in bud
Phal Schillerania – in heavenly blossom
Lc. Canhamianum (mossieae x L. purpuratat) seedling
Paph Julius (Paph lowii x Paph rothschildianum) In Bloom BOY DO I HAVE A STORY ABOUT THIS ONE!
Cymbidium Khyber Pass x Sensation – 3 spikes, one fully opened

And also arrived today a Paph. lowii which I had ordered