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Cymbidium - Another NOID

This is a discussion on Cymbidium - Another NOID within the Orchids of Other Genera IN BLOOM forums, part of the Orchid Photography category; Here is another NOID cymbidium that is in bloom now. I believe that this may ...

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    Default Cymbidium - Another NOID

    Here is another NOID cymbidium that is in bloom now.

    I believe that this may be a division sibling of one of the previous cymbidiums that I posted here.

    Close up of this flower:

    Anyone have any idea on why the lateral petals have a visible "notch" on the top? All the flowers on this plant appear to have them in the exact same spot.

    Close up of its (suspected) division sibling. Notice there are no notches on the lateral petals.

    It is interesting though that even they are division siblings, their flowers did not end up 100% identical.
    They have identical traits such as lip pattern and overall flower color. But the flowers' size are definitely different and the petal shape also varied a bit.

    So it is entirely possible that these are not really division siblings, but still very closely related.

    I try to keep track of name tags even for NOIDs, but sometimes accidents lead to the tags disappearing or I forget to update the tags and the ink fades completely after a couple of years.

    For example, if I start out with one NOID:
    It starts out as Cym. NOID #10 (this means that this is my 10th Cym. NOID in my collection.
    When I divide this plant, the divisions get new tags: Cym. NOID #10-1, Cym. NOID #10-2, etc. The mother plant stays at Cym. NOID #10.
    This lets me know that the divisions came from the same plant.
    This way, I would be able to group the plants together even if they are NOIDs.
    And as a bonus, if I happen to get the proper ID for the orchid then I would know which divisions will also receive the proper name.

    With the above pictures, the bigger flowers are Cym. NOID #15-3. But the smaller flowers have a faded tag and I can only read my last repot date on the opposite side.
    So I am leaning towards re-tagging it as Cym. NOID #15-4.

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    Kerry's Avatar
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    It is very nice, and I fully understand your desire to name them - even as numbered NoIDs. I do the same with my phals, and then try and give them a Kerry name related to the circumstances in which I got them, or what they remind me of.

    I wonder if the petal notch is a mutation that occured as the spike was first developing and subsequently affected all the flowers of that spike. It would be interesting to see if it reflowers with the same notch next year.

    I do like cymbidiums, but I am really don't have the space for them. Such a shame as the nearest Orchid nursery to me, in East Sussex, is a well known cymbidium breeder. aaah well, maybe when I have won the lottery, bought my dream house and got my greenhouse and veranda etc etc etc....

    I shall just admire yours from afar!

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    clintdawley's Avatar
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    Very nice

    Notch = genetic abberation?

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    They are both lovely, but I like the division better. The colors seem more vibrant.

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    Brutal_Dreamer's Avatar
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    I like them both, but they sure do take up a bunch of space...


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