Following are some links to a photo that I took of P. querceticola during my August trip to Goethe State Forest in Levy County.

Platythelys querceticola (listed in Luer as Erythrodes querceticola) is a rather small Florida native orchid and member of the Spiranthine subtribe. It is probably most similar to the various "jewel orchids" such as Anoectochilus and Haemaria/Ludisia. Plants consist of a proportionately long stem with clear green, clasping, tear-drop shaped leaves alternating up the stem. They bear a strong resemblance to dayflower or small "wandering jew" plants. The imaged inflorescence is approximately 1.5 inches tall:

and, just to show the actual level of detail that I managed to capture of these just-a-few-millimeter-wide flowers: