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Yew, thanks for the tip regarding sun exposure! One more thing, what is the best potting medium for these Cymbidiums? The pot they are in seems rather crowded...
have you any experience with dividing these? (some orchids like to be crowded, others
thrive/multiply if you give them ample space). Thank you again and best regards.

GE 'Sundust' loves to be crowded in a pot, so unless it is over the sides, or breaking the pot or you want to divide it, I'd wait to repot it. Generally about 3 years or so for most media is the life before repotting is needed.

Cyms will grow in lots of different media. I use a mix of bark, coconut husks, and perlite. This works for me because of what i have that I can use. Also I add some dolomite and gypsum to the mix.