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Hey Zain. Whether a fungal, bacterial or viral, will probably never know, the requirement to obtain swabs and samples to send off to be analyzed got purely bypassed by the need to emit frustration and temper and use it to achieve something positive from the negative, bleach and sulphur led the way here. Your photographic diary concept is a very inspirational idea, not new to the world i know, but new for this unity anyway. A concept that will help to eliminate regrets.

Stanhopeas and much of the Catasetinae family have certainly, by evidence, proven their vulnerability/ susceptability and the sheer speed at which they decline when cultivated in artificial environments. It will be a while before I venture into reinvesting into the species I have lost until I have time to research further or atleast fall upon some conclusion that someone else may help me reach, perhaps. It certainly verifies one thing in my future decisions with orchids which would definetly be the need to specialise.

While all those pots, media and mounts accumilate in our collections whether interior or exterior, all that organic material hosts eco systems that we are inpart, ignorant of or just lack the education or awareness. The partnerships, unities and much more that co exists in the background within the pots and behind the sphag proves total significance when we think our collections should just be happy with the limited factors we provide. Philosophical and scientific elements aside and with just a basic uneducated general observation, something in my grow room has restricted my choices and determined that these 'species' I most definetly 'cannot' have and will not live in harmony so long as the current orchid selection in my collection are co existing.

Of course we can just over think things lol, and be too critical. Maybe the vendor/ retailer was just very bad at their job.
Hi Matt, I love Stanhopea species I did my own studied only 2 species right now are able to bloom in lowland. Those species are grandiflora and candida. I had about 7 other species like wardii,trigrina,insignis, nigroviolacea,tricornis and other 2 unknown species. I found they can grow very well here but no buds at all so frustrated.My observation, survival rate for them very high exception for highland in origin maybe because I live in equator. So decided not to buy anymore from this genera no doubt the flowers so beautiful.